07:37 Video High Interest Era Until H2-2024, RI Capital Market Still Attractive? My Money – 3 days ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Bank Indonesia opens up the opportunity to cut interest rates in Semester II-2024 in line with increasingly controlled inflation conditions and easing global financial market uncertainty.

Mandiri Investment Management CIO, Ernawan R. Salimsyah sees Indonesia's economic prospects as stable at 5% and the trend of increasing global benchmark interest rates has reached its peak. It is hoped that in 2024 global economic risks will subside so that the equity market will become more positive and a fixed income rally will occur in H2-2024.

However, the market is still wary of a number of sentiments, including the 2024 presidential election and the global economic slowdown. So what does the market look like in terms of market prospects and challenges in 2024? What is the direction of investment in 2024?

For complete details, see Andi Shalini's dialogue with the Chief Investment Officer of PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi, Ernawan R. Salimsyah at Power Lunch, CNBC Indonesia (Friday, 22/12/2023)

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