08:12 Video 2024 Economic Projections Up to the Prospect of BI Cutting Interest Rates My Money – 7 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia-Market optimism regarding the dovish era of the US Central Bank, the Chief Economist of Bank Mandiri, Andry Asmoro, said in 2024 will be a positive sentiment for the Rupiah exchange rate. The weakening of the Dollar Index followed by the prospect of capital inflows into the domestic market is also a hope for the stability of the Rupiah at this time .

Meanwhile, regarding the prospect of Bank Indonesia starting to cut its benchmark interest rate, Andry said BI policy would be greatly influenced by inflation, the Rupiah and the central bank's efforts to encourage growth.

How do economists view the direction of Central Bank policy? When can BI start cutting its benchmark interest rate? For further details, see Anneke Wijaya's dialogue with the Chief Economist PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (BMRI) Andry Asmoro in Power Lunch,CNBCIndonesia (Wednesday, 12/20/2023)

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