10:34 Consumer Reports Video: Sweet Profits from Haus's Modern Beverage Business! Indonesia Entrepreneur – 37 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- PT. Nusantara Business Inspiration as a company operating in the Food & Beverage sector with the Haus! Indonesia is optimistic about the contemporary beverage business in Indonesia.

Founder & CEO of Haus! Indonesia, Gufron Syarif confirms Haus! Indonesia is ready to compete for the market share of contemporary drinks which has the potential to reach IDR 30 trillion in 2025.

In order to strengthen the market, Haus! Indonesia continues to innovate to create contemporary drink concoctions that are popular with Indonesian people.

What is the journey & strategy of Haus' current beverage business like? Indonesia? More Listen to the dialogue between Andi Shalini and Founder & CEO Haus! Indonesia, Gufron Syarif in Closing Bell,CNBCIndonesia (Wednesday, 01/31/2024)

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