10:38 Techzone Technology Battle of 'Cheap' HP Vs 'Expensive' HP to Boost Mobile Phone Market 2024 Tech – 13 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Smartphone manufacturer from Hong Kong, Infinix Mobile, is optimistic about the development of the smartphone market in Indonesia.

Country Marketing Manager of Infinix Indonesia, Sergio Ticoalu, said that Infinix is ‚Äč‚Äčencouraging sales of mobile gaming to expand the lower middle market segment without leaving the high-end market segment.

In order to target young consumers, a smartphone manufacturer called Sergio continues to compete to present various cellphones ranging from cheap to expensive cellphones by presenting a variety of the latest technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

What will the development trends of the mobile phone market be like in 2024? What is the development strategy for Infinix cellphones? For complete details, see Andi Shalini's dialogue with Infinix Indonesia Country Marketing Manager, Sergio Ticoalu in Profit,CNBCIndonesia (Monday, 01/29/2024)

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