12:04 Consumer Reports Video: Chatime & Contemporary Beverage Business Development Innovation Entrepreneur – 17 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Maintaining & improving quality, taste innovation and strengthening digitalization technology services are said by the CEO of PT Foods Beverages Indonesia, Devin Widya Krisnadi, as the key to developing the contemporary food and beverage business in Indonesia.

Devin also said the importance of collaboration in reaching a wider market. In developing Chatime products, F&B Indonesia expanded its business by adding flavor variants of tea & boba products as well as adding snack product variants and collaborating with Pokemon and BT21.

In 2024, Chatime is still targeting business expansion by focusing on new regions. So what is the Indonesian F&B business development strategy like? For complete details, watch Andi Shalini's dialogue with the CEO of PT Foods Beverages Indonesia, Devin Widya Krisnadi in Closing Bell,CNBCIndonesia (Wednesday, 03/01/2024)

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