15,000 Scientists Unite to Call Doomsday Schedule, Dare to See It? Tech – 2 days ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Scientists around the world warn of the negative impacts that climate change will have. Meanwhile, climate change will bring serious damage to the world community.

This is based on a new paper published in the journal BioScience and has been co-signed by more than 15,000 scientists in 161 countries.

Tens of thousands of scientists warned that life on Earth is under threat and is moving faster towards 'doomsday'.

The world needs to prevent further disasters before the 21st century ends in 2100 or 77 years.

“For decades, scientists have consistently warned of a future characterized by extreme climate conditions due to rising global temperatures caused by human activities that release dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,” wrote the paper, quoted from Futurism, Saturday (23/12 /2023).

“Unfortunately, time is up,” added the study.

In a statement, Oregon State University (OSU) postdoctoral researcher and study co-lead author Christopher Wolf presented the paper while unveiling major mitigation strategies.

“We are heading towards the potential collapse of natural and socio-economic systems and a world of unbearable heat and shortages of natural resources, food and clean water,” Wolf said.

In the study, the OSU postdoc and 11 other co-authors included many surprising data points showing that by 2023, many climate records were broken by huge margins.

The authors point to such a particularly active Canadian forest fire season this year. Researchers say that this event represents a tipping point towards a new fire regime, which is arguably one of the most frightening academic sentences ever written.

OSU distinguished forestry professor William Ripple, who was one of the authors of the study, added that this year has brought a particularly worrying pattern. This pattern is certainly not encouraging news, because humans have done little to improve the situation.

“We also found little progress to report regarding humanity's efforts to combat climate change,” Ripple said in a statement.

Like many scientists before them, the study's 12 authors and thousands of signatories did not just point to the highly polluting fossil fuel industry. But it is also the government representatives who subsidize them as one of the root causes of this climate snowball effect.

According to the paper, between 2021 and 2022, fossil fuel subsidies will double from US$531 billion to more than US$1 trillion. It should be noted that this number only occurs in the United States, not other countries.

“We must shift our perspective on the climate emergency from an isolated environmental issue to a systemic and existential threat,” the paper's authors wrote.

Researchers say switching from fossil fuels and fighting excessive consumption by rich people is something that must be done.

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