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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Prabowo Subianto together with Gibran Rakabuming Raka delivered a victory speech to the hopes of their supporters on Wednesday night at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. He delivered this victory speech because he was far ahead in quick calculations or quick count from various survey agencies.

Prabowo's victory speech was responded to by PDI-P Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto. According to Hasto, Prabowo delivered his victory speech too quickly because he only looked at the quick count results. Even though the manual version of the vote recapitulation is still being counted by the General Election Commission (KPU).

“Those who make victory speeches do not understand the stages of an election, because whether they win or not is determined by the recapitulation process from below, not from the results of a quick count,” said Hasto at the TPN Kebun Jeruk Building, Jakarta, last Thursday, quoted on Sunday (18/2/ 2024).

Photo: Prabowo Subianto dancing after giving a speech at Istora Senayan on Wednesday (14/2/2024). (CNBC Indonesia/Faisal Rahman)
Prabowo Subianto dances after giving a speech at Istora Senayan on Wednesday (14/2/2024). (CNBC Indonesia/Faisal Rahman)

“So starting today we urge both TV media to focus on the recapitulation calculations carried out by the KPU, this is our entire concentration there,” he added.

He emphasized that his party is currently still waiting for the KPU's recapitulation. Regarding communication with the AMIN team, Hasto rebuffed it.

“What is happening can be felt, the proof is that there is a very sharp difference between what happens to citizens abroad who are free from social assistance, free from intimidation, free from supervision by officials and what happens at home. In principle “what happens to citizens must be protected and this is based on the report we received, team 01 (AMIN) also feels that way, but each of them works with their own independence, with their own scope,” he said.

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