2024 Presidential Candidate Debate Anies Champion, Ganjar Runner Up, Prabowo Bloated on Twitter X Tech – 8 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Last Sunday night (7/1/2024), the presidential candidate debate was held again. Just like before, the third debate also attracted many netizens to comment on all the presidential candidates for the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

In the Drone Emprit report uploaded by its founder Ismail Fahmi, Anies Baswedan received many mentions on social media. During the debate the number reached 62,878 mentions or 42%.

Meanwhile, the other two presidential candidates, Prabowo Subianto, received mentions 42,791 times (28%) and Ganjar Pranowo 44,674 times (30%).

Anies also outperformed his two competitors in positive sentiment on Twitter/X. The number was 76%, while negative sentiment was 14%, and neutral sentiment was recorded at 10%.

Positive sentiment for Prabowo Subianto was recorded at 40%. Meanwhile, negative and neutral sentiment is 54% and 6%.

Ganjar Pranowo received positive sentiment of 72%. For negative sentiment 11% and neutral sentiment 17%.

In an upload on the X/Twitter account, Ismail explained that Anies' trend experienced the highest increase in conversation volume in each debate session. Meanwhile, the trends for Ganjar and Prabowo fluctuated during the debate.

“In each debate session, the trend seems to be that Anies experienced the highest increase in conversation volume. Starting from the first session, Anies was the one who was direct “gasping”, and continued with attacks and sharp statements, especially towards Prabowo, in the following sessions,” wrote Ismail, quoted Monday (8/1/2024).

“Ganjar and Prabowo tend to experience alternating fluctuations,” he added.

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