2024 Presidential Candidate Debate Anies 'Let Him Cook' King of Twitter, Prabowo Stumbles Gaza Tech – 9 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Social media analysis by Drone Emprit places Anies Baswedan as the presidential candidate most discussed by netizens on Twitter. On the other hand, many netizens have questioned Prabowo Subianto's statement regarding Gaza.

Ismail Fahmi, founder of Drone Emprit, shared the results of an analysis of conversations on social media regarding the 2024 presidential candidate debate on Sunday night (7/1/2024) via the Twitter account X @ismailfahmi.

Based on Drone Emprit's analysis, Anies Baswedan is the most mentioned presidential candidate on Twitter. The presidential candidate from candidate pair number 1 received 61,078 mentions. The second most mentioned presidential candidate on Twitter

Prabowo Subianto is at number three, namely only mentioned 40,727 times on Twitter.

“In each debate session, it appears that the trend of Anies experiencing the highest increase in conversation volume. Starting from the first session, Anies was the one who immediately 'gasped', and continued with sharp attacks and statements, especially towards Prabowo in the following sessions,” said Ismail in Twitter X, quoted on Monday (8/1/2024).

Drone Emprit assessed the majority of tweets about Anies as positive comments, especially his courage to be aggressive from the start of the debate. Netizens use the term “let him cook” or let him cook. Based on observations CNBC Indonesia, Anies was given the title El Chef, which means chef.

However, Anies also received a lot of criticism because of the personal attacks he launched, especially at Prabowo.

According to Drone Emprit, most of the positive comments about Prabowo on Twitter X are humorous. Many netizens discuss “omon-omon” as a new diction to add to their vocabulary in everyday life or on the internet.

Netizens' negative tone towards Prabowo focuses on his attitude of being easily provoked by emotions and repeatedly agreeing with Ganjar. However, the most negative comments about Prabowo were his statements about Gaza.

Based on monitoring CNBC Indonesia, netizens used El Gemoy diction to mention Prabowo on Twitter

Ganjar Pranowo received positive comments on Twitter Apart from that, Ganjar's style of cooling down the heated atmosphere of Prabowo and Anies' debate was also praised by netizens.

However, the results of Drone Emprit's analysis show that many netizens felt that Ganjar was too “playful” at the start of the debate. Based on observations CNBC Indonesia, netizens use El Chudai's diction to replace Ganjar.

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