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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Choosing a college major can be an important stage in a person's life. Because, the major you choose can determine your professional career for the rest of your life.

If you choose the wrong major, you will not only lose time and money, but it can also cause long regrets in the future.

There are many factors that prospective students consider before deciding on a college major, but the most common are job opportunities and salary after graduation.

The following are 25 college majors where graduates are the easiest to find work because of the large job opportunities:

1. Microbiology

Microbiology majors study microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Even though this major is less popular, job opportunities in the field of microbiology are very wide. Microbiology graduates can work in medical laboratories, the food industry, or as microbiology researchers.

2. Marine Science

Marine science majors study life in the sea and its ecosystem. In this era of climate change, understanding the ocean and its role in maintaining ecosystem balance is increasingly important. Marine science graduates can work in the fishing industry, marine research, or as environmental consultants.

3. Pathology

Pathology is the study of disease and structural changes in the human body. Even though it looks complicated, job opportunities in the field of pathology are very promising. Pathology graduates can work in hospitals, medical laboratories, or as forensic experts.

4. Resource and Environmental Economics

Natural resource economics majors study the management and sustainable use of natural resources. In the current green economy era, natural resource economics graduates have bright job opportunities. They may work for energy companies, environmental agencies, or as policy analysts.

5. Medical Physics

Medical physics is a field that combines physics with medicine. This major prepares you to become a physicist working in a hospital or medical center. In an era of increasingly advanced medical technology, the need for medical physicists is increasing.

6. Cryptography

Cryptography is a science that studies data encryption and security techniques. Students majoring in cryptography also learn to analyze protocols that prevent third parties or the public from reading private messages.

In this digital era, the need for cryptography experts is increasing. Cryptography graduates can work in the cyber security, banking, or government industries.

7. Astronomy

The astronomy major studies celestial bodies and universe phenomena. For space lovers, this is an interesting course. Career opportunities in this field include research, education, or work at leading astronomical institutions.

8. Philology

Philology is the in-depth study of language and literature. Even though it looks like an old-fashioned major, philology still has great job opportunities. Philology graduates can work as translators, book editors, researchers, or language teachers.

9. Marine Conservation

Marine conservation majors focus on preserving marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Even though there are still few people interested, job opportunities in this field are increasingly opening up along with increasing awareness of the importance of protecting the marine environment.

10. Photography

Many people make photography a hobby, even though this skill can also be a promising career. A photography major provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional photographer. In the era of social media which is developing rapidly, the need for photographers is increasing.

11. Biochemistry

Biochemistry majors study molecular interactions in living organisms. Even though it looks complex, job opportunities in this field are very broad. Biochemistry graduates can work in the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical research, or biotechnology product development.

12. Archaeology

Archeology is a science that studies human life in the past through the remains found. Even though not many people choose this major, career opportunities in archeology are quite promising. You could work in a museum, research institute, or as an archaeological consultant.

13. Social Anthropology

Social anthropology majors study human culture and its development. In this era of globalization, understanding cultural differences is becoming increasingly important. Social anthropology graduates can work as multicultural consultants, social researchers, or lecturers.

14. Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of human thought and existential questions. Even though it is often considered an abstract major, philosophy graduates have high analytical and logical abilities. Job opportunities for philosophy graduates include becoming teachers, writers, or ethics consultants.

15. Musicology

Musicology majors study music from historical, cultural, and analytical perspectives. For music lovers, this is an interesting major. Musicology graduates can work as music teachers, music researchers, or music critics.

16. Theology

Theology majors study religion and belief. Even though interest is limited, job opportunities in this field are not only limited to being a priest or priest. Theology graduates can work in religious institutions, social foundations, or as spiritual counselors.

17. Arabic

Although it is rarely noticed by prospective students, the Arabic language department has promising job opportunities. In the era of globalization, the need for translators, diplomats or Arabic language experts is increasing. So, if you have an interest in Arab culture, this major could be the right choice.

18. Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture majors study the design and management of open spaces. Even though it looks like an unpopular major, job opportunities in this field are quite promising. Landscape architecture graduates can work in design firms, local governments, or as landscape consultants.

19. East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies is a major that studies culture, history and social life in East Asia. Job opportunities for graduates of this major include becoming diplomats, researchers or teachers at universities.

20. Ethology

Ethology is the science that studies animal behavior. Although this major is not very popular, job opportunities in the field of ethology are increasing. Ethology graduates can work in zoos, animal research, or conservation agencies.

21. Peace Studies

Peace studies is a major that studies conflict and ways to achieve peace. Although rarely chosen, job opportunities in this field are increasing. Peace studies graduates can work in peace organizations, research institutions, or as conflict mediators.

22. Special Education

A special education major prepares you to be a teacher of students with special needs. Although sometimes considered unattractive, the need for special education teachers is increasing. Special education graduates can work in inclusive schools, educational foundations, or as educational consultants.

23. Gender Studies

Gender studies is a major that studies gender roles in society. In an era that is increasingly aware of the importance of gender equality, gender studies graduates have extensive job opportunities. They can work in government agencies, NGOs, or as gender consultants.

24. Geophysics

Geophysics is a major that studies earth physics and geology in depth. Even though there is not as much interest as other majors, job opportunities in this field are very promising. Geophysics graduates can work as geologists, earth researchers, or environmental consultants.

25. Cartography

Cartography is the science that studies map making. Although rarely chosen by many students, job opportunities in this field are quite good. Cartography graduates can work in government, urban planning companies, or as map consultants.

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