5 Ways to Detect Hidden Cameras in Hotels, No. 1. With the Naked Eye

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Hidden cameras in hotel rooms, villas, cruise ships, and even airplane toilets are still a problem that often makes tourists or tourists wary. Moreover, as technology develops, hidden cameras or spy cams are getting smaller, harder to find, and easier to buy anywhere.

Usually, hidden cameras can take the form of alarm clocks, air fresheners, water bottles, toothbrush holders, household items, and home decorations. And, all of these “stuff” are easy to find on e-commerce.

So sophisticated, CEO of technology services company OMG Solutions, Pieter Tjia, said these “items” can even enable their owners to do live streaming via cellphone.

Not only that, the perpetrators can even sell the recordings to pornographic sites so they can make money and be seen by thousands of eyes.

Therefore, it is not surprising that tourists are starting to look for ways to find out the whereabouts of hidden cameras where they stop.

So, how do you find hidden cameras? The following is a summary, according to CNBC International:

Naked Eyes

Using the “naked eye” is the cheapest way anyone can find hidden cameras in their accommodation.

One of the Tjia team members, Victor Loh, revealed that he had only managed to find a hidden camera that was camouflaged as a working clock. He found it exactly 20 minutes after examining the contents of the room which did not look suspicious.

“I found one, but it was hidden very well,” said one of the team, quoted Monday (29/1/2024).

Using a Cell Phone

The second way is to use a cell phone. This time, Victor downloaded the “Fing” app which scans wifi networks for cameras. Apart from that, he also uses the flashlight on his cellphone to make it easier to see the lens.

However, the “Fing” application was unable to reveal where the camera was even though it succeeded in detecting its presence in the house.

“When we did this, the app would show that the camera was in the house, but not tell us where it was located,” the report states.

Interestingly, it was easier for Vincent to find the camera thanks to his cell phone flashlight. In one room, he found three cameras on shirt buttons, a wifi repeater, and the eyes of a teddy bear.

Tjia said that most of the hidden cameras used by the perpetrators were made in China.

Using a Radio Frequency Detector

The third way to find hidden cameras is to use a radio frequency detector that can “beep” when close to a surveillance camera.

However, Tjia said that this tool is only able to detect cameras that are turned on and connected to WiFi, not cameras that use an SD card to store data. In addition, this tool also often makes “false alarms”.

Using Camera Lens Detector

The fourth way to spot hidden cameras is a portable camera lens detector that is cheap, easy to use, and capable of detecting basic lenses.

This device is capable of emitting infrared light which is reflected back from the camera lens as a camera point. However, the device must be very close to all objects to be able to detect the presence of the camera.

Through this tool, Vincent managed to find two cameras in the aromatherapy oil diffuser and wifi device.

Using Advanced Camera Lens Detection

If you have more capital, you can consider buying a more sophisticated camera lens detector, which costs US$ 400 or around Rp. 6.3 million (assuming an exchange rate of Rp. 15,814/US$).

This device, which is capable of working remotely, allows users to see the camera even if they are not too close to the object. In fact, this tool is able to function in bright or dark rooms.

Vincent found 11 hidden cameras thanks to this tool worth six million. Meanwhile, the cameras were in a tissue box, leather bag and among a pile of files under the table.

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