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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – DThe actual definition of psychopathy in psychiatry is antisocial personality disorder (ASPD).

Prakash Masand, a psychiatrist and founder of the Centers of Psychiatric Excellence, describes psychopathic people as individuals who demonstrate a pattern of manipulation and violence towards others.

Quote Psych Central, researchers have studied different visual behaviors among people with psychopathy. For example, when a normal person sees something disturbing, his pupils dilate, which is a reflection of the body's sympathetic nervous system. However, a 2018 study of 82 men with interpersonal-affective psychopathic traits found a decrease in pupil response when they were shown negative images. A different study also found reduced pupil dilation among psychopaths when they listened to negative sounds, such as screaming.

Meanwhile, researchers also found that those with psychopathic traits spent longer looking at photos depicting emotions, such as pain and shame.

“Sometimes, people with psychopathy use staring as a deliberate way to control and intimidate others,” says Dr. Naomi Murphy, consultant and forensic psychologist and founder of Octopus Psychology.

“But a gaze can also convey cold, hard anger.”

Even so, Murphy emphasized that the assumption that all individuals with psychopathy have a frightening gaze is wrong.

The visible signs of psychopathy in the eyes

Although there are no specific and definite characteristics that mark a 'psychopathic gaze', there are several general characteristics that researchers have observed:

– Cold attitude, no empathy or compassion

– Wide-eyed, more of the whites of the eyes are visible

– Blink less often

– A gaze that feels threatening

– The black part of the eye enlarges

– Intense gaze

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