7 Most Arid Cities in the World, some of which haven't rained in 500 years, you know…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Every country in the world has different geographical conditions. As a result, the season experience also varies.

Countries located in the northern and southern hemispheres experience four seasons of the year and wide temperature variations, as well as colder temperatures in the winter.

Meanwhile, countries located around the equator tend to have warmer temperatures throughout the year compared to countries further from the equator.

However, there are also a number of countries that are classified as “arid” or dry because they experience almost no rainfall or even winter. In fact, there are countries that have not experienced rain for 500 years.

So, what are the most arid countries in the world? Here's the list.

1. Aoulef, Algeria
This small town in central Algeria is the driest place in an already dry country with an average rainfall of 12.19 millimeters per year.

2. Pelican Point, Namibia
Pelican Point is a small pier in Namibia filled with sand dunes in Africa.

Even though it is dry and only has an average rainfall of 8.13 mm per year, this place still harvests praise from surfers. In fact, surfers are willing to endure anything to get the perfect wave.

3. Iquique, Chile
This port city located at the top of Chile is actually located to the west of the famous Atacama Desert. The surrounding desert is mined to make natural nitrate fertilizer.

In addition, the city has beaches to avoid dry air. If it rains, it only happens in January and February.

4. Wadi Halfa, Sudan
Located in the heart of the Sahara, Wadi Halfa is the “perfect” desert town. The subtropical air that descends and dries in the region has a strong influence on the surrounding area, resulting in a dry and hot desert.

5. Ica, Peru
Ica is an arid region located on the southern side of Lima and borders the Atacama Desert. But in 2007, scientists discovered fossil evidence of a 1.2 meter tall penguin species that once inhabited the area.

The dry air in this area means that pre-Columbian mummies are often found because human remains will not decompose without moisture.

6. Aswan, Egypt
Aswan's location close to the Tropic of Cancer means this city has high temperatures and dry weather. Winds blowing sand at 100 mph are common in Aswan.

In fact, the stones that make up the pyramids at Giza were originally believed to have come from the dry valley of Aswan.

7. Arica, Chile
Arica is a port city in Chile which has been named the driest city on Earth. Even though there is no rain, Arica has high levels of humidity and cloud cover.

Even though the air is wet, not enough moisture reaches the ground. The surrounding Atacama Desert is in a rain shadow that suppresses moisture over the mountains and brings only dry air to the desert.

Some places in the desert have not experienced rain for more than 500 years.

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