Apple is suddenly flooded with complaints, this is the culprit

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apple has been flooded with complaints because of its App Store application store policy which is deemed not to follow European Union regulations called the 'Digital Markets Act' (DMA).

In the new policy announced by Apple, the company will allow software developers to distribute applications on Apple devices via alternative application stores. So, you don't have to go through the App Store.

So far, this mechanism can be done on Android cellphones or is called 'sideloading'. However, Apple applies additional fees to allow app distribution outside the App Store.

For the record, so far iPhone applications distributed via the App Store must use Apple's payment system. The commission handed over by application developers can reach 30%.

With distribution policies in alternative application stores, software developers can use their own payment systems.

However, developers who opt out of the App Store system will still have to pay a 'core technology' fee of 50 euro cents (Rp. 860.97) per user account each year.

The policy was heavily criticized. Many believe that Apple's new policy structure, which will be implemented starting in early March 2024, could violate DMA rules.

Responding to this, European Commissioner Thierry Breton said the essence of DMA is to create fair and open internet competition.

“Starting March 7, we will review proposals from technology companies and provide input from third parties. If the solutions provided are not good enough, we will not hesitate to take firm action,” he said, quoted by Reuters, Monday (29/1/2024 ).

Under European Union rules, developers still have to submit applications to Apple for review, especially regarding security risks.

Apple device users in Europe can choose the default browser according to their wishes and the payment system for applications. So, they don't need to make payments via Apple's system.

However, there is still a core technology fee of 50 euro cents that developers must pay so that their applications can be embedded on Apple devices.

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