Asus Admits Losing in China-US, But Mighty in Indonesia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Asus is at the bottom, aka 5th, in terms of shipments and global PC market share throughout 2023.

In an IDC report released last month, during 2023 Asus shipped 16.8 million PC units with a global market share of 6.5 percent.

Regarding this report, Head of PR for Asus Indonesia Muhammad Firman said, Asus is still number 5 globally because of the very large market role of China and the United States.

According to him, local manufacturers in China and the US greatly influence the quantity of PC shipments globally.

“China with its local producers, the US with local 'fruit' producers is really big there. The American and Chinese markets are very influential in global shipments (PCs),” he said at a media meeting in Jakarta, Monday (19/2/2024) .

Even though Asus claims that in the global market it is under Chinese and US brands, outside of that country the Taiwanese brand quite dominates the market.

He gave an example in the Asia Pacific market, if China is excluded, Asus' average position is at the top number, depending on the country.

“For example, if global data were taken out by China and the US, maybe we could be number 2 or number 3,” he explained.

“In Southeast Asia we are number one,” added Firman.

In Indonesia itself, throughout 2023 in the consumer and gaming segment, Asus claims to be in the top position with around 40 percent for consumers and around 45 percent for the gaming segment.

But for B2B, he admits that Asus is still far behind other brands, because they started their business in Indonesia from the consumer segment first.

“So our commercial segment is B2Bn, we are still pioneering, so other producers have been entering for a long time and they are entering B2B, which is much bigger than us. Actually, in 2023 we will focus on commercial business and this year we are confident that from number 5 in Indonesia we can enter “To number 4 or 3 in the B2B segment, yes. For consumers from 2013 we have been number 1, for gaming we have been number 1 in Indonesia since 2015, but for B2B we are still behind,” he concluded.

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