Attacked by Anies, this is a list of jets and ships that Prabowo bought

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Defense budget under Prabowo Subianto was one of the main focuses of the 2024 presidential candidate debate last night. During Prabowo's leadership, the Ministry of Defense spent around Rp. 500 trillion to purchase defense equipment. Check out the sophistication.

Presidential candidate number 2, Prabowo Subianto, was involved in a heated discussion with presidential candidate number 1, Anies Baswedan, during a debate on presidential candidates participating in the 2024-2029 Presidential and Vice Presidential General Election at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (7/1/2024).

Answering Prabowo's question, Anies said that defense must be in accordance with the real threat before our eyes. The threat is felt not only at territorial borders.

“But also in the family. The threat of online fraud, hacking, online gambling, terrorism all need attention,” said Anies.

According to him, don't decide on purchasing defense equipment based on taste and based on past preferences but also future needs.

“Yes, we need to increase the budget, but don't be mistaken, the threat is also shifting, so a good strategy is needed to increase strength

Research team CNBC Indonesia has written down details of the use of the Prabowo era Ministry of Defense budget, which almost reached IDR 700 trillion.

Throughout his work as Minister of Defense, Prabowo has spent a budget of more than IDR 500 trillion on updating defense equipment.

The Ministry of Defense's budget allocation reaches IDR 135.45 trillion in the 2024 RAPBN. The size of this budget brings the Ministry of Defense to second place with the highest spending Ministries/Agencies (K/L).

The Ministry of Defense itself has never provided exact details of the value of the defense equipment that Prabowo bought. However, the increasing annual budget allocation reflects that Prabowo's defense equipment is clearly not cheap.

As an illustration, the contract value for the purchase of 42 Rafale aircraft made by Dassault Aviation, France, is said to reach US$8.1 billion or around Rp. 116 trillion (exchange rate Rp. 14,350/US$).

The contract to purchase 12 used Mirage 2000-5 fighters from the Qatar Air Force is estimated at US$792 million or IDR 12.1 trillion (exchange rate US$1=15,280). Another, the F-15EX fighter aircraft produced by Boeing, is estimated to be priced at US$ 87.7 million or Rp. 1.34 trillion.

In fact, the Scorpene submarine has officially started operating in Malaysian waters since 2009. However, of course, there will be differences in specifications between the Scorpene purchased by Malaysia and Indonesia.

The latest news on Friday (1/12/2023), Minister of Defense Prabowo handed over eight H225M heavy lift helicopters, an industrial collaboration between PTDI and Airbus Helicopters, France, to the Chief of Air Staff Marshal TNI Fadjar Prasetyo at Atang Sendjaja Base Bogor, Java Province West.

The eight helicopters were delivered in stages, starting from the delivery of the first unit on September 14 2023 from the PTDI Rotary Wing Apron Hangar, Bandung, to the Atang Sendjaja Indonesian Air Force Base.

“I and all the ranks will fight hard to improve the condition of the defense equipment and services that you need. Look for good equipment and maintenance, so that we have an Air Force that is reliable, superior, tough and strong,” said Minister of Defense Prabowo.

The H225M is known as a safe, reliable, powerful and versatile helicopter for various missions such as special operations, search and rescue, medical evacuation, maritime surveillance and aerial fire support. The helicopter has a number of advanced features such as modular design, use of composite materials, advanced avionics, including LCD Multi-Functions Displays, Vehicle Monitoring System and Automatic Flight Control System.

The H225M also incorporates the new generation Turbomeca MAKILA 2A1 powerplant providing high performance and maximum safety. Meanwhile, the H225M Full Flight Simulator (FFS) built at ATS Air Base is the highest level Flight Simulator Training Device and the only one in Southeast Asia that is qualified on the basis of FAA regulations (14 CFR Part 60).

Check out the complete data on the Prabowo era Ministry of Defense budget and details of its use in the research article CNBC Indonesia the following.

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