Balikpapan Mayor Denies Cak Imin's Speech, Here's Its Content News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Mayor of Balikpapan, Rahmad Mas'ud, denied the statement by Vice Presidential Candidate number 1 Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin regarding the City of Balikpapan having difficulty in electricity and access to clean water and damaged roads in the vice presidential debate some time ago. Rahmad believes that Cak Imin's statement is wrong.

“That's wrong data, wrong. Before conveying it, (Cak Imin) should have looked at the data first. That's why he said it was incorrect. The condition of Balikpapan City as a supporter of the State Capital (IKN) is very good,” said Rahmad in Balikpapan as reported by Detikcom, Monday (25/12/2023).

The city of Balikpapan receives electricity supply from the East Kalimantan Generating Main Unit (UIP KLT) which has a total power of 2,369 megawatts, while the usage load reaches 1,545 megawatts. Meanwhile, Balikpapan City still has excess power of up to 800 megawatts

Meanwhile, for clean water, Balikpapan is supplied by two reservoirs, namely the Manggar Reservoir with a normal supply of 1,100 liters per second, and the Order Dam with a normal production of 200 liters per second.

In the future, it is planned that there will be an Aji Dam which normally produces 150 liters per second and a Sepaku Semoi Dam of up to 500 liters per second.

“For clean water, we continue to strive to ensure that Balikpapan City becomes a city that is very livable,” said Rahmad.

Previously, Cak Imin expressed his concern regarding the condition of several cities, including Balikpapan, which should receive development priority, including clean water sources and electricity supplies. This was to answer questions about urban problems in last week's Vice Presidential Debate.

“Once again, we don't agree or disagree with IKN, the most important thing is the priority of equality and justice so that cities are built so that clean water facilities are realized. Poor Balikpapan, poor Banjarmasin, poor Pontianak, because of what? These cities are in a short time “We can make it better, because of what? The fiscal we have prepared is evenly distributed in each city,” said Cak Imin.

“That urban areas need funding, we must involve private investment which we have greater confidence in,” he continued.

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