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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesian people can no longer be separated from cellphones. At the beginning of this year, a report by research firm entitled “State of Mobile 2023” showed that Indonesians were in first place in the world as cellphone users with the longest daily duration.

This finding is one of CNBC Indonesia's 'Big Stories 2023' choices.

In the report, it was revealed that Indonesia was the highest user who spent more than 5 hours every day trying out mobile devices (cellphones and tablets).

Indonesian people will spend an average of 5.7 hours every day on cellular networks throughout 2022. This figure has increased sharply from the average duration of using cellphones of 5.4 hours per day in 2021.

Indonesian people's cellphone addiction has increased sharply since the pandemic period in 2020. The report shows that Indonesian people's mobile phone usage has reached 5 hours a day for the first time.

Compared to 2019, the figure is only 3.9 hours a day or 1.1 hours shorter.

Not only Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and South Korea will exceed 5 hours per day on mobile devices throughout 2022.

In 2021, Indonesia is not yet addicted to cellphones

Last year, a study at Canada's McGill University released more than 20 countries whose residents were addicted to smartphones. Among these countries, Indonesia is not included in the list.

The research examined the use of smartphones by nearly 35 thousand people in 24 countries around the world from 2014 to 2020. The results showed that the Chinese population was in first place for cell phone addiction.

In second place is Saudi Arabia with around 21 smartphone users. Popular brands in the country are Apple, Huawei and Samsung.

Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia there is only one country on the list, namely Malaysia in third place. The country has a high increase in smartphones, with most users choosing Android phones, especially Samsung and Huawei. Apple also has a good user base in the region.

Effective Ways to Fight Cell Phone Addiction

If you feel your cell phone addiction is serious, there's no need to worry. There are several ways to reduce excessive addiction to cellphones.

The following are tips that you can apply to be wiser in using gadgets, quoted from the Alodokter page,

1. Avoid using gadgets while walking or driving. Don't use gadgets while walking, especially when operating a motorized vehicle.

This can endanger yourself and others. Pull over the vehicle and stop for a moment if you think there is an important notification.

2. Manage and limit gadget usage time. To prevent addiction, you can limit your use of gadgets, for example a maximum of three hours a day.

If your work requires you to use gadgets, then try to find other activities that don't use gadgets after you finish work.

3. Don't use gadgets when you're with other people. Communicate directly so that you and the person you are talking to can focus on the conversation.

4. Determine a gadget-free area, this way you can prevent addiction. To do this, you just need to commit to rules for yourself, for example not using gadgets when in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

Apart from that, you can also replace your time using gadgets with healthier activities, for example exercising or reading books. Also avoid playing with gadgets when going to sleep.

The tips above can also be applied to children and it is best to accompany children when using cell phones so that this habit does not interfere with their learning activities and academic achievements.

To reduce and stop gadget addiction, discipline is needed.

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