BRI-Business Cluster Transforms Coconut Shells into Handcrafts

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia KBRI-assisted business laster from Bali, that is Eternal Glorious Rays succeed encouraging the role of women in various aspects of life while helping to improve their welfare msociety.

Formed in 2008, this women's business group has succeeded in empowering 26 women in Banjar Dinas Waliang, Abang District, Karangasem Regency, Bali.

Khe head of the Sinar Mulia Abadi women's business group,AA Ayu Mahesarani Karang, said that this business group was formed because the economic conditions of the residents around his village were worrying. Not wanting to see them get worse, Rani gathered the women in her village and empowered them to participate in work and be independent.

Interestingly, the women's business group founded by Rani apparently uses coconut shell waste as its main product.

Coconut shell waste is a common sight around where he lives. However, the waste is not reprocessed and is only sold raw to Java at a very cheap price. So, the benefits obtained by residents are also very small.

Realizing this situation, Rani then looked for ways to increase the selling value of the coconut shells and make a profit.

“To increase the selling value of coconut shell waste, we took the initiative to reprocess it into handicrafts. For example tissue holders, candy holders, fruit baskets,or a place for ceremonial offerings. Apart from that, the products produced can also adjust to consumer demand. “So, what the buyers want, we will make it,” he saidquoted Wednesday (28/2/2024).

On the other hand, the various products made by the Sinar Mulia Abadi women's business group are mostly sold using a reseller system. However, quite a few of its members sell directly from one place to another.

“For marketing, up to now it is still focused on the island of Bali. However, we have also received orders from as far away as Java and Sulawesi,” he added.

Even though they were successful in marketing their products to various places, initially Rani and the Sinar Mulia Abadi women's business group experienced problems in the marketing process and funding. Fortunately, there are obstaclesThatsuccessfully completed thanks to the assistance provided by BRI Peduli.

“We received financial assistance worth Rp. 70 million and several supporting tools, such as 8 display cases, rattan scissors, needles, thread, grinders, as well as training from BRI Peduli. For the training itself, we were taught how to create coconut shells so that the results could be more diverse and acceptable in a broad market,” he said.

According to Rani, this assistance is from BRI Peduli,profitable for the business group and its members. Moreover, initially they did not have a display case to display the products they produced.

“We feel grateful and grateful to BRI for providing a lot of support and assistance. So, our group is increasingly enthusiastic about working and selling the handicraft products they make. In fact, thanks to assistance from BRI Peduli, our turnover has increased and reached around IDR 25 million per month. Apart from that, every time BRI holds an event, our business group is always involved in it,” said Rani.

On a separate occasion, BRI's Director of Micro Business, Supari, added that through the My Life Cluster program, BRI is committed to accompanying and helping women entrepreneurs.. Inwhich is not only in the form of business capital,but also in the form of business training and other empowerment programs.

“We also encourage the productivity of women's business groups by providing assistance with business equipment or supporting infrastructure. We hope that the assistance provided can be utilized as well as possible. We also hope that the story shown by the Sinar Mulia Abadi women's business group will become a motivation and inspiring story that can be imitated by other women's business groups in various regions,” he stressed.

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