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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk is holding “Nugraha Karya Desa BRILiaN 2023” which is the culmination of the 2023 BRILiaN Village program. This activity is an appreciation for villages that are considered to be actively moving forward to encourage the people's economy through the BRILiaN Village program.

Nugraha Karya BRILiaN Village is an annual event held by a series of BRILiaN Village programs which focus on developing four aspects.

First, BUMDesa is the engine of the village economy. Second, digitalization in the implementation of products and activities in villages. Third, sustainability, namely the resilience and continuity of village development. Fourth, innovation to encourage villages to be creative.

BRI President Director Sunarso said that BRILiaN Village is a village empowerment program with the aim of producing role models in village development as a form of agent of development in developing villages. By the end of 2023, 3,178 villages have received BRILiaN Village empowerment.

“This program started in 2020 which cannot be separated from the company's strategy to get to know regional potential more deeply and is one part of the integration of empowerment activities and the existence of BRI mantri together with other initiatives, namely the BRI-assisted business cluster,, and the Hyperlocal Ecosystem which is a form of Micro Consolidation Ecosystem,” he said in a written statement, Thursday (11/1/2024).

Sunarso added that in running its business, BRI will continue to create value, both creating overall economic and social value, to improve community welfare through various empowerment and mentoring programs.

Sunarso emphasized that the BRILiaN Village program is an example and unique role function. Where in one program, two objectives are met, namely growing economic value as well as social value.

“The BRILiaN Village Program is BRI's commitment as a state-owned company to implement economic value and social value simultaneously so that there is no need for conflict. With BRI's ability to navigate challenges well, the company's goals can be achieved well,” explained Sunarso.

Meanwhile, Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki appreciated BRI for its commitment to providing continuous empowerment to villages in Indonesia. One of them is through the BRILiaN Village program.

“This program is a breakthrough in encouraging villages in Indonesia to be able to develop village potential, increase capabilities in the form of improving soft skills and hard skills through sustainable empowerment activities that can support economic growth in villages,” said Teten.

On the other hand, Deputy Minister of BUMN Kartika said that the Ministry of BUMN continues to encourage increased national economic growth through empowering the MSME segment which incidentally has a contribution to GDP of 60.5% and employment of 96.9% of the total national employment.

“To achieve this, MSMEs need to be equipped with business literacy, so that they can optimize every opportunity that exists; equipped with digital literacy, so that business processes can be adapted to current technological developments, and encouraged to innovate so that they continue to create added value to survive in amidst business competition,” he explained.

He also appreciated BRI's initiative in implementing the BRILiaN Village program.

“The BRILiaN Village Program needs to continue to encourage national economic growth and emphasize the role of BUMN, as value creators in providing benefits to society,” he added.

For your information, this activity is the third time the BRILiaN Village Nugraha Karya program has been implemented since 2021, with the agenda including “BRILiaN Village Talks”, namely interactive discussions discussing BRIliaN villages in optimizing potential strengths, innovation to move the wheels of the village economy through strong leadership, the spirit of village transformation through the synergy of innovation and digitalization. Then the activity continued with “Night of Puncak Nugraha Karya BRILian Village”.

For your information, the BRILiaN Village National Champion will receive village development infrastructure assistance from BRI. In detail, 1st place gets a prize worth IDR 1 billion, 2nd place IDR 750 million, and 3rd place IDR 500 million. The 1st and 2nd runners-up each received a prize of IDR 300 million.

Meanwhile, Green Village, Best Governance Village, Best Entrepreneurship Development, and Best Innovative and Digitalization Village each amount to IDR 200 million.

Not only that, BRI also gave special awards to Potential Villages in the western, central and eastern regions. Each village will receive appreciation worth IDR 100 million.

The following is the complete list of winners of Nugraha Karya Desa BRILiaN 2023

1. Main Categories

First Place: Bansari Village, Temanggung, Central Java
Second Place: Cikaso Village, Kuningan, West Java
3rd Place: Lerep Village, Semarang, Central Java
First Runner-up: Nagari Tanjung Haro Sikabu-kabu Padang Panjang, Fifty Cities, West Sumatra
Second Runner Up: Padang Panjang Village, Tabalong, South Kalimantan

2. Special Award for SDG Sector

Green Village: Kelawi Village, South Lampung, Bandar Lampung
Best Management: Angseri Village, Tabanan, Bali
Best Entrepreneurial Development: Sukomulyo Village, Gresik, East Java
Best Innovative and Digitalization Village: Ibru Village, Muaro Jambi, Jambi

3. Special Award for Potential Villages

Potential Villages in the Western Region: Air Lengit Village, Natuna, Riau Islands
Potential Villages in Central Region: Wawowae Village, Ngada, East Nusa Tenggara
Potential Villages in the Eastern Region: Puubunga Village, Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi

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