BRInita Transforms Narrow Land into Productive Urban Farming

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesiaa – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) through the BRInita (Farming in the City) program together with residents of Surabaya Village, Kedaton District, Bandar Lampung City, are collaborating to play a role in changes in the village environment. This program utilizes land that was previously empty and occupied by residential areas to be converted into urban farming.

Through this program, local communities can utilize their crops for various needs. This program is also a step to encourage environmental improvement and preservation in the surrounding community.

Sutihat, as Chair of KWT Mandiri Sejahtera, explained that BRInita helps the community in optimizing existing land.

Local residents currently have activities in managing urban farming which is supported by building facilities, infrastructure, providing seeds, and urban farming training with communities that have previously succeeded in developing hydroponic urban farming.

Apart from beautifying the environment, this program is also used to provide nutrition for the local community. Vegetables harvested by residents are used and given free of charge as an effort to deal with stunting for toddlers and children.

On the other hand, the proceeds from the sale of vegetables from hydroponics are also used for KWT Mandiri Sejahtera's cash income. Then, these funds are used again to purchase seeds, plant nutrition, and plant maintenance costs.

At KWT Mandiri Sejahtera there are local heroes who specifically manage urban farming from seeding, plant care to harvest.

“We would like to thank BRI and IWABRI (BRI Women's Association) for providing assistance with urban farming facilities and always providing direct assistance and education to us so that up to now we have recorded 5 major hydroponic vegetable harvests,” he was quoted as saying. Tuesday (27/2/2024).

The same thing was also conveyed by Yuli, a resident of Surabaya Village. He admitted that this program helped the community, especially in providing nutrition for the younger generation.

“Thanks to the help of this urban farming ecosystem, we feel very helped. The vegetables produced are useful for household consumption and meet children's nutritional needs,” he said.

It is known that BRI Cares BRInita is a commitment to continue to be responsible for the social life of the community and improve the surrounding environment. Also through urban farming, BRI encourages people to make maximum use of narrow land in densely populated settlements.

Deputy Main Director of BRI Catur Budi Harto explained that BRI continues to realize its commitment to social and environmental responsibility by distributing programs that can encourage improvements in the environmental ecosystem. The BRInita program is one of BRI's commitments to preserving the environment in the city center which utilizes narrow land in densely populated areas.

“This program is not only implemented at one point, but has been implemented at 21 points throughout Indonesia. We hope that this assistance can continue in a sustainable manner to become a positive forum for the community. Hopefully the story at KWT Mandiri Sejahtera will be an inspiring story that can be imitated by other groups,” stressed Catur.

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