Business with mother brings blessings, this woman makes IDR 25 billion per year

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Many beliefs say involving parents in various activities can bring blessings. If you don't believe it, then Kate Pawloski's story could be an example.

How could it not be, Kate succeeded in building a business of up to US$ 1.6 million or Rp. 25 billion thanks to inviting her mother to start a business. What's the story?

This story began in 2010. At that time, Kate had the status of fresh graduate Psychology graduates choose to do business rather than work.

For him, doing business can give him the freedom to do anything. Because, when he was an intern he couldn't feel that.

However, he realized he couldn't do many things alone. Instead of inviting other people to do business, he chose to involve his mother, Ann Lightfoot, in starting a home business together.

Inviting her mother made Kate not bother thinking about other people because they already trusted and knew each other.

Initially the business he ran was selling used jewelry. Unexpectedly, the sales immediately became a hit and led him to build a bigger business called Done & Done Home in 2012.

To Insider, quoted on Tuesday (6/5/2024), the business operates in house cleaning services. This idea came from the suggestion of a friend who often heard other people's complaints regarding house cleanliness.

“An interior designer friend told us about a client who had so much stuff in her house that she was confused about sorting things out during renovations,” says Kate.

When starting a business, he realized that inviting his mother to start a business was a blessing. The reason is, both of them have complementary skills that are difficult to obtain if doing business with other people.

Even if you can, the compatibility will take a long time to build.

In business, Kate is someone who is good at using technology for business. He manages the design plans and regulates the profit proportions. Apart from that, he also manages advertising placement and promotions via social media.

Meanwhile, his mother was good at negotiating. He is tasked with finding and inviting clients to use Done & Done Home services.

“I work 30-40 hours a week and focus mostly on finance and marketing. My mom still oversees all the clients and sales,” he said.

When asked whether there was a potential for business failure because it involved family, he answered that so far there was none. In fact, he has repeatedly emphasized that doing business with his own parents brings benefits. He can share housework and business matters easily because his business partners understand each other.

“My mom and I have always been close and very open in communicating our needs with each other, so that helps,” Kate said.

All of this ultimately bore sweet fruit. In 2023, Kate revealed the benefits gained from doing business US$ 1.6 million or Rp. 25 billion. This nominal amount is far above the income figure when working with other people. And this was only possible thanks to business collaboration with our parents.

Now, his business is not only taking care of the house, but is also starting to expand into providing online courses. All this was done of course with his mother.

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