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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Transmart Full Day Sale program is back with massive discounts of up to 50% + 20% for customers who use Bank Mega credit cards, Bank Mega Syariah credit cards, and the Allo Bank application. This promotion takes place today, Sunday (28/1/2024) from when the shop opens until it closes at 22.00.

This discount applies to various products ranging from daily necessities, clothing, fruit, to electronic goods.

One of the visitors to Transmart Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta who took advantage of the Full Day Sale was Indah. On that occasion he managed to bring home a 1/2 PK air conditioner (AC) and got a big discount from the price of IDR 4 million to just IDR 2 million.

“Buy an AC. Discount. Save around 1.5 million. Find out Full Day Sale information from Instagram,” said Indah to CNBC Indonesia, Sunday (28/1/2024).

Various AC brands at Transmart receive big price discounts. For example, Split 1/2 PK ACs from various brands such as Samsung, Polytron, LG, Panasonic and Sharp, which can be obtained at a discounted price of IDR 2,699,200 from the normal price of IDR 4,199,000.

Buyers can save up to IDR 1,499,800. This price applies to purchases on the islands of Java, Bali and Lampung. Meanwhile, outside of that, the price goes from IDR 3,899,000 to IDR 2,799,200. Buyers save IDR 1,099,800.

What's interesting, if you buy this AC, customers also get a free pipe bonus and standard installation services. This program applies to customers who use Bank Mega credit cards, Bank Mega Syariah credit cards, and the Allo Bank-Allo Prime application including Allo Paylater.

Come on, immediately attack the Transmart Full Day Sale now at all Transmart outlets throughout Indonesia. Don't forget to pay using a Bank Mega credit card, Bank Mega Syariah credit card, and the Allo Bank application including Allo Paylater

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