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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Even though financial management lessons are not included in the school curriculum, understanding of the importance of financial management can grow through the experience of watching these five interesting films.

These five films are not difficult to understand, in fact one of them falls into the thriller genre. Come on, let's take a peek at the story of each of these films. However, the best experience is definitely still obtained by watching it live.

John Q

Starring Denzel Washington, this film is a thriller drama genre that tells the story of the struggle of John Quincy Archibald, a laborer, in saving his son's life. When his son needed a heart transplant, John realized that his health insurance would not cover the cost.

So John struggled to overcome the financial problems he faced, risking his own life.

Indecent Proposal

Released in 1993, this film stars Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore. The story tells of a young couple who work as a property agent and architect. After buying property in Santa Monica, they had to face the economic recession in the United States. These difficult conditions force them to make money by gambling in Las Vegas.

The Money Pit

This is an old film released in 1986, starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. The story is about a married couple who rush to buy a house, only to find that the house falls short of expectations. Need to do major renovations that drain your wallet.

Fun with Dick & Jane

Jim Carrey starred in this film which was released in 2005. This film tells the story of debt, where a newly promoted Dick asks his wife, Jane, to quit work so she can spend more time with their son. Unfortunately, Dick loses his job due to an unexpected event.


This Korean film highlights the social gap between rich and poor in Ginseng Country. Without revealing the main character, Parasite teaches us about the bad effects of greed which can lead to terrible disasters.

Through a variety of genres and stories, these five films provide insight into the importance of managing finances wisely and avoiding financial risks that can arise in the future.

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