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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesian people will face long Christmas and New Year holidays. It is estimated that many of them spend their vacation time outside the home and go to tourist attractions.

This will impact home internet usage. VP Home Broadband and FMC Telkomsel, Dedi Suherman said the pattern in previous years was like that.

“Mobile goes up because there are lots of people on the road. Traffic jams, call, watch videos, listen to music while traveling. But usually Home Broadband goes down,” said Dedi, met at Press Conference Indihome Karaokein Jakarta, Friday (22/12/2023).

Meanwhile, during Nataru during the last pandemic era, its use reversed. Fixed broadband usage is higher because the majority of people are at home.

“Covid is back, demand at home is very high. The majority of payload traffic is at home, mobile is down,” he said.

Meanwhile, in its official statement, Telkomsel estimates that there will be a 13% increase in traffic from normal days during Christmas and New Year. Meanwhile in the same period last year it rose by 10.8%.

At its peak there will be an increase of up to 55.2 petabytes. This is driven by the use of several services, starting from social media at 15.6%, video streaming at 9.7%, communication services at 31.9%, online gaming at 20.6%, to e-commerce at 19.1%.

Telkomsel is also preparing for a surge traffic in various places. One of them is by optimizing the network in 427 special locations, starting from 27 residential areas, 48 ‚Äč‚Äčtransportation transit areas (airports, ports, stations), 321 special areas (malls, squares, busy centers), 29 areas on homecoming routes (travel routes). homecoming, rest area, gas station), and 2 churches/houses of worship.

Optimization was carried out by upgrading 21 4G/LTE BTS units, adding 53 new 4G LTE BTS units, and adding 55 Compact Mobile BTS units.

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