Chronology of US Killing Pro-Iran Militia Commander, Iraq Joins Rampage News – 7 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United States (US) has just killed a commander of the pro-Iranian Harakat Al Nujaba militia, Mushtaq Talib Al Saidi, in an attack carried out on Thursday in Baghdad, Iraq. This further increases tensions in the Middle East region.

Pentagon spokesman Major General Pat Ryder explained that the attack was a form of self-defense against a commander who was planning to launch an attack on US personnel. The attack was carried out using a drone.

“The attack targeted a leader of Harakat Al Nujaba who was actively involved in planning and carrying out attacks on American personnel,” Ryder told reporters in Washington, quoted by AFP, Sunday (7/1/2024).

Harakat Al Nujaba itself is a faction of a group called Hashed Al Shaabi. The group is largely a former pro-Iranian paramilitary unit that once fought Sunni Muslim jihadists and is now integrated into the Iraqi armed forces.

Even though he had conveyed this attack, Ryder did not provide much detail. Including whether this attack was coordinated with Baghdad.

“We believe that Al Saidi is part of the popular mobilization force, which is under the umbrella of the Iraqi army,” said one of Al Jazeera's journalists, Patty Culhane.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister (PM) Mohammed Shia Al Sudani expressed his extraordinary anger. This anger has also led to many calls for US troops to be expelled from Iraq.

“The Iraqi armed forces hold global coalition forces responsible for this unprovoked attack,” spokesman Sudani said in a statement.

The attack came after a series of strikes that hit US troops in Iraq and neighboring Syria since the start of Israel's offensive into the Gaza region. Washington says there have been more than 100 cases since mid-October.

Many of the attacks were claimed by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. This refers to an alliance of armed groups backed by Iran to provide strong opposition to US support for Israel in the Gaza war.

On the other hand, pro-Iran parties dominate the Iraqi parliament. They won a majority of assembly seats in most of the country's provinces following provincial assembly elections held in December.

Apart from Iraq, US relations are also known to be heating up with Iran's other proxies in Yemen, the Houthis. Tensions arose after the Houthis launched attacks on several merchant ships in the Red Sea to pressure the international community to force Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza.

Due to this action, Washington began deploying its military ships in these waters. In the Prosperity Guardian operation, the US military shot down missiles and drones belonging to the Houthis, and even shot members of the group to death when they wanted to board the Maersk Hangzhou ship belonging to the Danish shipping giant, Maersk.

This US attack also occurred a day after the bomb explosion in Kerman, Iran, which killed 84 people. The bomb exploded when pilgrims crowded the grave of Revolutionary Guard General Qasem Soleimani, who was killed in a US attack in 2020.

Iran accused Israel and the US of being behind the bomb explosion which was believed to have been detonated by remote control. Even so, Washington claims that it and Israel were not involved in the deadly action, where in the latest update ISIS claimed responsibility.

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