CNBC Insight Becak Driver Becomes Billionaire, Gets “Durian Crumbling” IDR 1 Billion Entrepreneur – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A pedicab driver from Magelang named Raden Sayadi succeeded in shocking all of Indonesia in May 1990. The reason is, he managed to win IDR 1 billion from his luck in participating in the Social Philanthropy Contribution Prize (SDSB).

Please note, SDSB is one of the lottery programs organized by the New Order government since January 1 1989. Through SDSB, people only need to buy a coupon and guess the available numbers.

If the guess is successful, then the person gets the prize money with a very small chance. Meanwhile, the government through the Ministry of Social Affairs will use the money from purchasing the coupons for development purposes.

Moving away from a system like this, activist Sri Bintang Pamungkas is in Change Regime Change System (2014) call SDSB the same as gambling games that are legalized by the government. In the end, the Indonesian Ulema Council also issued a haram fatwa on SDSB because it considered it gambling and causing misery to the people.

Even though it received criticism, SDSB continued to run and made many people happy because they received prizes, one of which happened to Raden Sayadi.

Newspaper Outlook (16 May 1990) quoted on the National Library of Indonesia website said that Sayadi was originally a veteran. During the war, he was directly involved in defending Indonesia and was imprisoned and tortured by the Dutch.

Then, when the war was over, he changed his profession as a pedicab driver in Magelang. Everyday he lives in poverty and lives in a 10×3 m rented house2 bamboo walls. Even though he was poor, he always took the time to buy SDSB coupons ranging from a thousand to tens of thousands every time the government offered them.

Until finally, the coupon purchased was successful jackpot: Sayadi received a prize of IDR 1 billion from SDSB.

Interestingly, Sayadi's success in getting IDR 1 billion is said to have come from his spiritual activities. It is known that a month before becoming a billionaire, he locked himself up and didn't eat or drink for 7 days and 7 nights.

On the last night, Mr. Sayat admitted to seeing a large light, which he believed was a symbol of grace from God. “And it's true that Mr. Sayat became a billionaire after carrying out a series of rituals and surrendering to his fate,” wrote the National Library website.

Regardless of whether this activity is true or not, what is certain is that Sayadi's life afterwards will no longer be poor and he will be called a new billionaire. However, there are not many stories of people like Sayadi because the SDSB was discontinued in 1993 after being criticized by many parties.

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