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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Everyone wants to be rich. One of them is a man from Brazil, João Pimenta da Silva (71).

Silva wants to spend the rest of his life wallowing in wealth by searching for hidden treasures. Interestingly, the treasure narrative that came to mind did not come from reality, but from a dream.

Yes, he admitted that he dreamed that under his house there was a treasure trove of gold. This gold could certainly make Silva very rich.

After waking up, he told his neighbor about the dream Antonio Costa. Initially, Costa laughed at Silva's dreams and asked him to stop digging in the ground.

However, Silva refused to listen to Costa's words. He still believes there is gold that can make him rich.

As a result, Silva, assisted by Costa, started digging the land. After all, digging the ground is an easy job because when he was young, Silva worked as a digger.

However, when Silva dug into the ground to a depth of 40 meters, his fate suddenly changed. Unfortunately, instead of becoming rich after finding gold bars, he changed into another world, aka died.

In local media reports Oddity Central (11/12/2024), this incident started when Silva forced himself to go down the dug hole himself to drain the water and mud. However, when the draining was finished and Silva asked to be pulled up, suddenly the rope that was wrapped around his body came loose.

“I tried to hold him back, alone, there was no way to call for help. But, if he persisted, he would drag me down,” said Costa.

Finally, Costa couldn't help but let Silva go until he hit the bottom of a 40 meter deep excavation or the equivalent of a 13 story building. When found, Silva was declared dead on the spot with broken bones in many areas of his body.

In the end, the search for treasure, which was proven not to exist, was abandoned. So, learning from the case of João Pimenta da Silva, the search for wealth to cultivate wealth must move from aspects of reality, not from imagination.

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