CNBC Insight Dutch People Meet Kuntilanak, Didn't Expect His Response to Be Like This Entrepreneur – 1 day ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesian people have known about ghosts for thousands of years. One of them that he knows is kuntilanak or in other languages ​​it is also called Pontianak.

Kuntilanak is usually depicted as a female figure wearing white clothes, long hair, and often laughing loudly. The majority of people who have seen this ghost figure will definitely be scared.

However, what happens if a Caucasian person meets a kuntilanak? Will it produce a similar response?

One of the encounters between foreigners and kuntilanak was told by a Dutch woman named Augusta de Wit. He met Kuntilanak in person during a visit to Java in 1894 and described his experience deeply Java, Facts and Fancies.

He first saw the figure of a kuntilanak sitting on a tree branch laughing loudly. The loud voice, de Wit said, really broke the silence. And when he saw his face, de Wit testified that the kuntilanak was very beautiful.

“Her face was more beautiful than the bride of the goddess of love,” wrote de Wit.

However, the kuntilanak not only sits around laughing, but also preys on men. He did this as a way to feel the love that had been hidden for so long. Because, said de Wit, the existence of the kuntilanak comes from the soul of a virgin who has never been kissed by her lover.

“And he can't rest because he has never known love. And he will win it even though now not in kindness, but in deadly malice,” said the Dutch woman.

The way the kuntilanak preys on men is through singing. On tree branches, kuntilanaks often sing softly while combing their long hair.

Usually, this activity aims to attract a young man so that he dares to hug him. And when the kuntilanak carried out its action, the young man who saw it was immediately blinded and wanted to hug him.

“But, when he (the young man) hugged her, he felt a gaping wound on his back which turned out to be hidden behind his long hair,” said de Wit.

When that happened, the young man's history was over. De Wit said that the young man could not escape from the kuntilanak's embrace. In the midst of fear, Kuntilanak cursed the man to die.

So, before nightfall, the young man died. However, de Wit also revealed a way to survive the kuntilanak's death embrace.

“If he is clever and brave, he will pull out a strand of the kuntilanak's hair. If he succeeds, he will not die, but will live to an old age, rich, honorable and happy,” he said.

In fact, thanks to that courage, there was a young man who would later become the husband of the king's daughter and the father of the princes.

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