CNBC Insight Gold Teeth Bring Disaster, The Fate of This Rich Young Man is Tragic Entrepreneur – 9 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – When you are rich, sometimes a person has an urge to gain social recognition from other people. On this basis, people often show off their wealth in public spaces.

Moving on from this motif, there is an interesting story from a young Chinese man from Yogyakarta who can teach a valuable lesson that showing off one's wealth can bring disaster. What's the story?

Once upon a time, at the end of November 1926, a young Chinese man, whose name is unknown, came to the dentist. This arrival raised questions in the dentist's mind because his teeth were still good and strong.

After being asked, it turned out that the young man wanted his teeth to be covered in gold. With the money he had, he wanted to follow the trend of rich people at that time who often coated their teeth with gold.

By using gold teeth, he believes his self-confidence can increase and he can be called a rich man. As a result, the dentist complied with his request.

Gold teeth were installed in the mouth. Since then, the young man's attitude has changed, he laughs more often.

Of course, the motive for laughing was not based on a joke, but rather on the intention of showing off. With a laugh that showed his mouth wide open, everyone could see his golden teeth.

If it's like this, of course the social status of successful and rich people will be pinned on them. And he continues to carry out attitudes like this from day to day.

Until finally, his efforts to show off his wealth finally stopped after the young man suffered a disaster. This was the result of installing gold teeth a few days later.

“Once when he was eating, a gold tooth fell out and was swallowed. A few days later he felt pain in his stomach,” wrote the daily Panji Poestaka (November 12, 1926).

This feeling is very painful. He had taken various kinds of medicines, but to no avail.

In fact, the pain in his stomach got worse. As a result, he visited a doctor and had to undergo surgery.

At that time, surgery was full of risks. As a result, the young man refused surgery because he was afraid.

Finally he chose to go home. He was forced to endure the pain.

However, not long after, news emerged that the young man no longer felt pain. Not because he recovered, but because he died.

“There was news that he had died due to a stomach ailment,” wrote the daily.

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