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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Big salary is everyone's dream. By obtaining it, anyone can achieve what they want. However, not Jeffrey Goh. Goh was the main director of Star Alliance, a German airline, before resigning in 2022. When he was a boss, he had more than enough to live.

However, in the course of his life he left it all behind. What's the story?

The story begins in 2017. At that time, Goh was a former bank broker with a salary of RM 30 thousand or Rp. 133 million per month. However, with a monthly income of that size he chose to resign from work. The goal is to help his mother's cake business, Tay Lee Tiong.

In Singapore, Tay Lee is not a new name. He opened a famous cake business called Ah Yee Soon Kueh in October 2004. The kiosk is located in the city center. Tay Lee's merchandise is simple: only dumplings made from rice flour and have a delicious savory taste. Because of this, he is in the spotlight of various media which makes customers come back and forth there.

Unfortunately, this business emerged when Tay Lee was more than 60 years old. The decline in physical condition means that productivity in making cakes is also sluggish. He only gets help from his son on weekends. However, after that he was still the main leader of the business. Until finally, Tay Lee actually closed his cake shop in 2012.

According to Oriental Daily, when his mother closed the shop, the heart of his son, who earned Rp. 133 million, began to feel compelled to provide more help to the woman who had given birth to him. Jeffrey Goh also started to get bored with company life and decided to help his mother. At that point, he was convinced to step down.

Goh then started learning to make delicious cakes like his mother. After the shop was closed for approximately five years, Ah Yee Soon Kueh reopened in August 2017. He opened the shop again at 124 Tembeling Road, Singapore.

Goh said that he trained hard to reopen his mother's business. He now has 60% of his mother's abilities. The cake shop is now getting bigger and sells various types of small cakes, such as sweet potato cakes and sticky rice cakes. In one day, Goh bis sells 300 to 500 cakes. This made her mother, Tay Lee, feel very happy and proud because of this. They have now succeeded in achieving their dream of making famous cakes throughout Singapore

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