CNBC Insight Tadashi Yanai: Japan's Richest Man Worth IDR 585 T Only Has 2 Entrepreneur Clothes – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An interesting story comes from Japan's richest man, Tadashi Yanai. Even though he has assets of IDR 585 trillion, apparently he has an interesting habit, namely that he rarely buys clothes.

To CEO Magazine, Yanai admitted that he only has 2 types of clothes that are often worn interchangeably. The two clothes are dark blue Merino wool for US$15 and a +J blue suit from Uniqlo's collaboration with German designer Jil Sander.

The reason Yanai did that was because of the principle of simplicity. Like Japanese people in general, he doesn't want to stand out and wants to live an ordinary life, even though behind it all Yanai is the number 1 richest person in Japan.

Apart from that, the decision to only have 2 clothes was because he didn't want to worry too much about what clothes to wear every day. Because, he said, many people waste energy and become exhausted just to make a decision: what to wear today?

Even though he only has 2 types of clothes that he wears alternately, Yanai has millions of other clothes in his shop window, namely Uniqlo. Please note, Tadashi Yanai is the founder and owner of the largest clothing store retail chain in Asia.

Uniqlo was founded in 1984 and currently has 2,400 outlets throughout the world. In Indonesia alone there are 63 Uniqlo outlets. Due to the size of this business empire, Yanai was named by Forbes as the number one richest person in Japan.

Meanwhile, the Bloomberg International Index places him at number 35 as the richest person in the world. It is recorded that his assets reached US$ 38.6 billion or the equivalent of Rp. 585 trillion.

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