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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A wise saying says that life is like a wheel. Life keeps turning, sometimes up and sometimes down. The point is, in living our lives, don't get too caught up in pleasure. Because, we can't know how fast the wheel is spinning.

If we don't have special preparation, then we will fall when we are at the bottom. This is what Nastasia Urbano is currently experiencing.

Nastasia is a model from Barcelona who has been involved in the world of cat walking since the age of 20. Quoting Spanish media, El Paishis journey began when he went to New York, USA, to work at the Ford Modeling modeling agency.

There he paced the production buildings of the clothing industry's top brands. She also frequently appears on the covers of internationally renowned magazines, such as Vogue, New Woman, and Redbook.

In fact, the woman who was born on September 15 1961 has successfully become an advertising star for well-known perfume brands Revlon and Guy Laroche. During that time, she dared to call herself the “million dollar woman”.

This was because the income of the woman who was 20 years old at that time had reached US$ 1 million, in just 20 days. Thanks to all these achievements, it is not surprising that Nastasia was named the most popular and successful model of her time.

From the money he earned, he often danced at parties. He also has a luxurious lifestyle like international artists in general.

However, that glory came to an end in the 2000s. As she got older, Nastasia's fame also faded. The peak occurred in 2019, when he was 57 years old. El Pais reports that the hit model is now hanging around on the city streets.

He travels aimlessly and sleeps anywhere. In short, he became homeless.

The news that he was homeless was heard by his best friend, Carol Collins Miles. To help Nastasia, Carol even opened crowdfunding to the public so that Nastasia would no longer fall into poverty and could live comfortably.

After being investigated, it was revealed that the reason she became poor was due to her husband's deception. It is known that her husband is unemployed. While they were married and had two children, Nastasia was the backbone of the family. All household needs are met by money from Nastasia's work and savings.

In fact, the former Vogue model's money is also used as capital for her husband's lifestyle, which often changes luxury cars. For reasons of love, she obeyed all her husband's requests.

Unfortunately, love capital is not reciprocated when conditions are down. Instead, she was divorced and her husband ran away from home. As a result, Nastasia fell down the stairs, where her family was destroyed and her possessions were lost. Now, he is trying to start reorganizing his life independently and starting to build wealth.

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