CNBC Insight The Story of a Woman Haunted by Satan After Receiving an Inheritance of IDR 7 T Entrepreneur – 8 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Receiving an inheritance certainly makes everyone happy. However, this does not apply to Sarah Winchester. Inheritance actually makes Sarah's life uneasy. Because, after receiving his inheritance, he always received interference from an invisible figure.

What's the story?

For the record, Sarah is a woman from New Haven, United States. In 1862, she married the only son of wealthy gun factory owner William Wirt Winchester. Her marriage then changed Sarah's life to become richer and happier.

Unfortunately, this happiness didn't last long. During his marriage, he was always hit by news of death. In the first year of marriage, the child died at the age of 40 days. Then followed by his biological father.

About 18 years later, in 1880, another tragedy occurred in a row. Starting with the death of her biological mother, followed by her in-laws, and finally her husband, William. As a result, Sarah became the only person in the family.

The death of the entire family practically meant that William's entire inheritance fell into Sarah's hands. On this basis, she was named the richest widow in the world because she obtained a “windfall” of US$ 20 million (equivalent to US$ 500 million or Rp. 7 trillion today) and 50% of the shares in her husband's weapons factory.

Instead of being happy, Sarah was not happy about receiving an inheritance. He thought that living with William's family meant that disaster would always happen to him. He regrets it and wants to turn back time so that the ghosts can't follow him.

Quote Ghostland: an American history in haunted places (2016), Sarah then went to see a shaman for consultation. It turned out, said the shaman, that William's family had been cursed by demons who died thanks to running a weapons factory business. As a result, Sarah had to accept the sap. It turns out he was abandoned by his family and lives haunted by ghosts.

The shaman then advised Sarah to move and continue building a house. This step was taken so that Sarah would not die. So, said the Shaman, Sarah had to build a house for the ghosts to live in.

He, who was afraid, couldn't help but obey and bought 45 hectares of land in California. From that land, Sarah became obsessed with building a big house so that ghosts would not haunt her. As a result, the house was originally converted into a 2-story house 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 staircases, 47 fireplaces, 13 bathrooms and 6 kitchens.

In such a big house he only lives with his nephew, servant, and of course the invisible creature he believes in. However, the ghost story was ultimately not proven.

On September 5, 1922, Sarah still died even though at that time she was continuing to build the house. After his death, the house was auctioned off. Now Sarah's house has been converted into a mystical tourist spot by the US government.

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