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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Discussion of the Indonesian capital development project was in the spotlight in the 2024 presidential election vice presidential debate, Friday (22/12/2023). At first, Cawapres (Cawapres) serial number 3, Mahfud MD, stated that investment in the Indonesian National Capital (IKN) is still quiet. However, Vice Presidential Candidate number 2, Gibran Rakabuming, denied this.

“To respond to Prof. Mahfud, after returning home from the debate, maybe you can Google it, many have entered, Mayapada, Agung Sedayu and later there will be more, maybe after the presidential election because they will definitely wait and see to see political stability in Indonesia, thank you, Prof. ” said Gibran in the Vice Presidential Debate, at the JCC, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (22/12/2023).

In search CNBC Indonesia, currently there are several investors who have entered the IKN project. One of them is an investment of IDR 20 trillion by a consortium of Indonesian conglomerates led by Sugianto Kusuma alias Aguan from the Agung Sedayu Group.

For your information, this consortium was first introduced by President Jokowi at the Hotel Nusantara ground breaking event, last September. At the event many big Indonesian businessmen were present, such as Aguan Sugianto, Franky Oesman Widjaja, Prajogo Pangestu, Garibaldi 'Boy' Thohir, Kuncoro Wibowo, Eka Tjandranegara, and others.

They were present because of their role in forming a consortium with an investment of IDR 20 trillion in IKN. Jokowi also thanked them.

“Therefore, I would like to thank Mr. Aguan and his friends who attended this afternoon confident “gives the archipelago a feeling of confidence that this is very popular with investors,” said Jokowi.

Interestingly, Jokowi mentioned Aguan's name specifically. Indeed, who is Aguan?

Aguan is the owner and founder of one of the largest property conglomerates in Indonesia, Agung Sedayu Group. His real name was Guo Zaiyuan which later changed to Sugianto Kusuma or Aguan (another spelling: A Guan).

He is known to have been born in 1951. Like Chinese people in general, his family lived from region to region. He was recorded as having lived in Palembang and studied at the Jugang Zhongxue Chinese Middle School, before finally moving to Jakarta in 1965.

In 9 Entrepreneurial Paths: Stories and Inspiration of Tough Indonesian Entrepreneurs (2013), his first contact with the business world began when Aguan was a warehouse guard and assistant in an import company office. His good performance earned him a promotion to become the company's administrative manager.

However, the turning point in Aguan's life occurred when he met a building materials wholesaler. His friendship made Aguan learn about the property and building business.

From there he dared to build his own business in 1971 which became the forerunner of the Agung Sedayu Group. When starting a business, Aguan was lucky because the political and economic climate of the New Order was very good. As a result, his business grew rapidly. In just 10 years, he carried out various construction projects after working on the first project, namely Harco Mangga Dua.

This success then became his portfolio to expand.

According to Leo Suryadinata in Prominent Indonesian Chinese Biographical Sketches (2015:108), while trying to work on another property he met Tommy Winata (TW). TW is also a Chinese entrepreneur who operates in the banking and property sectors. Because of this similarity, the two of them work together.

Over time, this 'deadly duet' gave birth to large real estate areas such as Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kelapa Gading, and even an elite office area, namely SCBD Sudirman.

The creation of this business area has clearly made Agung Sedayu bigger and its name better known. Likewise with TW through the Artha Graha Network conglomerate. Both of them automatically get abundant profits too.

Recently, Agung Sedayu Group's property business has become bigger. On the company's official website, it is recorded that there are 57 Aguan properties under the Agung Sedayu banner spread across Jabodetabek. Apart from that, since 2021, Aguan's business has continued to grow. He is no longer just in the property business.

Through PT Multi Artha Pratama (MAP), a company directly owned by the Agung Sedayu Group (ASG) conglomerate, he entered the can and packaging issuer, PT Pratama Abadi Nusa Tbk. (PANI).

It is not known exactly how rich he is. However, if you look at the many properties spread across Jabodetabek which are known for their fantastic prices, it is certain that Aguan's wealth is also abundant.

Even so. Wealth does not make Aguan complacent. He, like the majority of other rich people, is also active in the philanthropic field. Aguan and his wife Lin Liping, called Leo Suryadinata, have made a big contribution to helping poor people in Jakarta. Aguan has been active in the Tsu Chi Buddhist Foundation since its inception until now.

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