Congratulations! This is the list of winners selected by Bunda Awards 2023

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – HaiBunda again held the 2023 Choice Bunda Awards at Soehanna Hall, The Energy Building SCBD, Jakarta, Sunday (28/1/2024). This event takes place starting at 14.00 WIB.

The success of the first event held the previous year made HaiBunda again want to give appreciation to various products, brands and well-known figures in the country. All winners are selected directly by mothers through surveys.

It is hoped that the winners of the best products and brands can be used as references for mothers so they can buy products that suit their and their family's needs. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the winner of the Mother's Choice Awards will inspire other mothers.

There are five categories which are divided into Mother's Choice for Mothers, Mother's Choice for Children (Babies), Mother's Choice for Children (Toddlers), Mother's Choice for Families, and Mother's Choice Figures. The 2023 Bunda Awards Choice event was also even more special because it was also attended by the HaiBunda Squad community.

So who are the winners of the 2023 Bunda Awards Choice from each category? Check out the complete list below:

Mother's Choice Categories for Mothers:
Mother's Choice Milk for Pregnant Women was won by PrenagenASI Booster Mother's Choice was won by Mom UungPregnant Women's Vitamins Mother's Choice was won by BlackmoresSkincare Mother's Choice was won by WardahMother's Choice Contraception and Fertility Device was won by Andalan

Mother's Choice Categories for Children (Babies):
Mother's Choice Diapers were won by MamyPoko Mother's Choice Baby Skincare was won by ZwitsalBaby Cologne & Baby Fragnances Mother's Choice was won by My Baby Mother's Choice Baby Food was won by Promina Mother's Choice Baby Tableware was won by Baby Huki

Mother's Choice Category for Children (Toddlers):
Mother's Choice Children's Milk was won by Morinaga Mother's Choice Children's Skincare was won by My Baby Mother's Choice Children's Dental Care was won by Komodo Mother's Choice Children's Supplement and Medicine was won by Curcuma Plus

Mother's Choice Categories for Families:
Mother's Choice Favorite Family Snack won by Good TimeMother's Choice Mineral Water at Home won by Le MineraleMother's Choice Kitchen Equipment won by OxoneMother's Choice Household Electronic Equipment won by PhilipsMother's Choice Insurance won by AllianzBank Mother's Choice won by BRIGadget Mother's Choice won by Samsung

Mother's Choice Figure Category:
Mother's Choice Celebrity Mother was won by Nikita Willy Mother's Choice YouTuber Mother's Choice was won by Nikita Willy Inspirational Mother's Choice Mother's Choice was won by Reisa Broto Asmoro Mother's Choice Celebrity Mother's Choice was won by Nagita SlavinaKids Mother's Choice Celebrity was won by Rayyanza Malik Ahmad Mother's Choice Role Model Hi Mother 2023 – Indonesian Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani

The winners of the 2023 Bunda Awards are based on a month-long survey (August-September 2023) conducted by HaiBunda among readers. Mothers were asked to choose various products and figures of their choice. As a result, more than 10,000 mothers from all over Indonesia participated in voicing their choices through surveys and polls provided by

Apart from reading the winners of the Choice Bunda Awards, this event was also filled with a series of interesting performances. The event, which was hosted by Indy Barends and Ivy Batuta, also featured the Tantri couple Namirah and Haykal Kamil, Tasya Kamila and Abang Arrasya, Putri Chaniago and Bunda-Bunda Happy, Devi Handayani, Afsheena, and representatives from the HaiBunda Squad.

Not only that, there was also a special performance from the country's famous band, NIDJI. Apart from the row of celebrities, the mothers who attended also had the opportunity to meet various other communities from all over Indonesia.

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