Dear Entrepreneurs, Do These 2 Things to Be Successful in Business

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Kasi Solusi CEO Deryansha Azhary reveals the secret to business success for MSMEs, namely knowledge and charity. According to him, so far, MSMEs often fail because they do not utilize adequate knowledge, as a result the business cannot run well.

“In the past, many factors were based on abstaining from knowledge, leading to business bankruptcy,” said Deryansha in CNBC Indonesia's Ramadanomics, Wednesday (3/4/2024).

“In short, there are examples of doing charity before knowledge. Even the prophet used knowledge, but it turns out there is nothing better than charity,” he added.

Before focusing on the product to be sold, according to him, it is important to determine the target market as the main thing. Deryansha previously started a business only focusing on the product, not the target market, as a result it was not accepted by the public.

“Since the time of the Prophet, there has been 'show me where the market is', so previously we focused on products, now we focus on marketing. It turns out marketing is more than products, namely addressing consumer needs,” he said.

For this reason, he emphasized that charity and knowledge are needed in running a business. Lack of knowledge and business literacy made the business fail and had to reduce many employees.

“I don't want to zone out a second time because many employees have been laid off,” he said.

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