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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Getting credit facilities to develop a business is not an easy matter. In fact, credit facilities for business people are the only funding option that can be used to develop business.

In other words, when business people do not have enough capital to develop their business, applying for a loan is the right step so that the business can continue according to plan.

However, you need to know that getting credit facilities is not easy. Because there are requirements that must be met by business people. Not only that, limited access is also a challenge for business people in reaching these facilities.

In fact, quite a few business people start their business with initial capital from personal savings or financial support from family or friends.

For this reason, to answer the funding needs of business people, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI has an integrated financial solution, namely the QLola by BRI platform. This platform can help business people to obtain and monitor information related to facility limits.

Facility Limit is a feature of Qlola by BRI, customers can obtain information related to credit facilities owned by customers. This information includes the credit limit that can be used, the usage percentage, and the remaining credit limit.

Facility Limit type in Qlola by BRI, for corporate credit, namely the credit limit for companies.

Apart from that, customers can also get other benefits from the Facility Limit feature, namely access to financial services, financial flexibility, and business development.

It is known that the Qlola by BRI platform is aimed at business entities, from corporations to retailers, so that they can easily carry out digital transactions with various superior features that can be used to access various BRI products and services with just one log in (Single Sign on Access).

QLola by BRI is also well integrated, so business people can take advantage of several features for transactions and managing finances. These include Cash Management, Trade Finance, Supply Chain Management, Financial Dashboard, Forex, and Investment Services.

The presence of QLola by BRI is expected to be the answer for corporate customers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) because this platform is easy to use and monitored online.

So, no need to hesitate. Let's move forward together QLola by BRI!

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