Excellent! ANTAM Releases Gold Chinese New Year Edition Themed My Money Wooden Dragon Zodiac – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) through the Logam Mulia Processing and Refining Business Unit (UBPP) announced the presence of the 2024 Chinese New Year edition of gold bullion products. This product offers a revolutionary three-dimensional design, while depicting the essence of the Wooden Dragon zodiac.

Reported on the Instagram page @antamlogammulia, the 2024 Chinese New Year edition of gold bullion products carries the charm of strength and authority. The wooden dragon motif that adorns this gold is not only a symbol of wisdom, but also creativity and innovation that echoes in the midst of Chinese New Year celebrations.

In fact, this product comes with microtext and QR code security features on its surface, which can guarantee the authenticity of the gold. Microtext as a small code is difficult to fake and QR codes provide quick access to detailed information about the product.

The 2024 Chinese New Year series offers two interesting categories, namely the gift series and gold bars with various weight variants, starting from 0.5-1 gram for the gift series to 8 and 88 grams for gold bars. Each product is packaged with a seductive, elegant design and has an unforgettable Chinese New Year feel.

Interestingly, the product, which will be launched on January 10 2024, provides customers with special opportunities, ranging from free shipping to grand prizes during the transaction period in January 2024. Including online purchases via the official website with Paxel expeditions.

Antam also gives customers the opportunity to be one of the first 250 people to get attractive souvenirs for purchasing Chinese New Year Gold Bars weighing 8 or 88 grams, either directly at the Precious Metal Gold Boutique or online at www.logammulia.com.

“For collectors and gold lovers, ANTAM Logam Mulia ensures that the special moments of Chinese New Year celebrations will not be missed. Stay tuned for further information via the official website www.logammulia.com, Instagram @antamlogammulia, or ALMIRA's official WhatsApp contact at 0811-1002-002, Antam said in its official statement.

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