Film Subtitle Brings This Wood Entrepreneur to Abroad. How come?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – For most people, dubbing or subtitles in a foreign language film will be very helpful to make it easier to understand the essence of the film. But not for Yudi Eko Sentosa. This wood entrepreneur, born in Majenang, Cilacap, is busy learning English from film subtitles.

“English is also self-taught from films. So when people watch films, they focus on the film. I watch it to learn English from the subtitles in the film. From YouTube too,” he told journalists in Banjarsari, Ciamis, some time ago.

Learning English is very crucial for Yudi, because the man who once worked at Perum Perhutani intends to become an export entrepreneur, whose main product is wooden crafts. He saw that there was an opportunity for wood commodities to be processed first before being sold abroad.

Yudi then started to open a wooden craft export service business in his hometown of Majenang-Cilacap, Central Java before finally moving the office of his company, PT Kaytama Sentra Delta (Kaytama) to Banjarsari-Ciamis Village, West Java.

“Looking at the condition of the people here, usually they send it (unprocessed wood) intact. I want to help the local community to provide added value through my business. Also to help them get permanent work, because the majority of people here don't have permanent work,” said Yudi.

This ideal is supported by his tenacity to enter the world of import-export. Just like the way he learned English, Yudi also learned the world of exports autodidactically. He admitted that he started accessing abroad by utilizing social media, as well as several free business platforms. Even though he met more brokers on this platform, he did not give up. Now it has been proven to work.

“Now we use a paid one, so we can access and know the buyers from anywhere,” he said.

All forms of business are certainly not free from capital issues. To build his business, Yudi utilized banking institution products. In 2014, he chose PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBNI), and received a working capital credit facility of IDR 150 million.

Apart from that, BNI is also considered to have strong overseas branch office services in several countries. Where currently the BNI Xpora service is available. “With BNI

In about 10 years as a BNI customer, Kaytama has carried out 4 credit cycles or top ups. Where the latest financing received reached IDR 1.5 billion in 2023. This shows that the business that Yudi built has developed and moved up in class. In terms of turnover, Kaytama recorded the highest record of up to US$ 2.77 million (equivalent to Rp. 41.55 billion assuming an exchange rate of Rp. 15,000/US$) in a year.

Now, Kaytama has become one of BNI's international MSME customers with 35 business partners in 17 countries. Where processed wood products can be manufactured and used in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Greece, Ukraine, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

There are various types of processed wood that Kaytama exports. Starting from Exterior Decking (R1F/E4E/Groove/AntiSkid), Structural Engineered Timber Products (Glue Laminated & Plywood), Solid Timber Panels (Edge Glued & Finger Jointed Panels) and Industrial components (Laminated Scantlings, Beams, Door Jambs & Frames) .

Kaytama's processed wood products are equipped with a Timber Legality Verification System Certificate (SVLK) No. : 0133-VLK-MMS-017- IDN with SVLK Mark No. : VLHH-32-09-0004. Currently, Kaytama has also been appointed as the company's official Australian representative.

Yudi also claimed that all facilities and processed wood products produced had complied with the scheme which was an implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) signed by European Union countries.

“This is in line with the Indonesian Government's efforts to campaign for wider recognition, especially for processed wood products in other markets,” he continued.

Now Yudi can be proud because the business he started can fulfill the “Ndeso Rasa Bule” business principle he promotes. Kaytama can exist in 17 countries even though its offices are 308 kilometers from the Sudirman Business District Center, Jakarta.

He also has a target for the processed wood export services he is running to continue to develop and be able to have his own factory. So it can provide more benefits for the surrounding community.

Meanwhile, Branch Service Manager of BNI Banjar Branch Office, Yoli Rinadi said, BNI Xpora is one of a number of innovations and transformations carried out by BNI to support MSMEs to penetrate the global market.


According to Yoli, Kaytama is the largest BNI Export MSME partner in Ciamis Regency and its surroundings. The total productive credit distributed by BNI in this area reached IDR 400 billion.

“Of course we hope that Pak Yudi's success can be an inspiration for the people of Banjar,” he said.

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