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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Foreign media Channel News Asia (CNA) highlighted the campaign style of one of the presidential candidates, Anies Baswedan. This is written in the article entitled 'Playing to his strengths, former academic Anies Baswedan woos the youth vote as he contests Indonesia's presidency' which was published on Sunday (31/12/2023).

The Singapore-based media touched on the Desak Anies event. The event was a place for young voters to ask questions and criticize Anies.

In a dialogue session, CNA noted that a student from Hazairin University in Bengkulu Province asked a number of quite sharp questions. There were several topics in the questions asked at that time.

One of them is regarding his attitude towards the plan for the National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago. It is known that Anies does not agree with the formation of the new capital city.

Apart from that, there are also questions about poverty and corruption. CNA highlighted how Anies answered each question asked.

“Students also interrogated Mr. Anies about poverty and corruption in Indonesia. As he answered questions, took time to unpack topics and provide detailed explanations, the candidate seemed a natural at dealing with young people,” the CNA report said.

CNA noted that Anies, who is an academic, often interacts with young people. Young voters are also at the core of his campaign strategy this time.

“After all, he was an academic who later became a university chancellor who spent years interacting with young people, which he put at the heart of his campaign strategy in next year's presidential election,” added CNA.

After the session, Anies also opened his voice. He underlined the importance of dialogue to understand each other, including the youth.

Leaders, according to him, should not be afraid of criticism. Anies said people involved in critical dialogue were enemies.

“I never view those involved in critical dialogue as enemies. They are friends, people who also care about Indonesia,” said Anies at the time.

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