Fun First Day of Ramadan Fasting 2 Days Off, Check the Schedule!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ramadan fasting 2024 or 1445 Hijriah is in sight. For one month, all Muslims will fast and compete to pursue rewards.

As usual, the determination of the start of the 2024 Ramadan fast will be carried out through an isbat session held by the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag RI). However, there is a possibility of differences in the start of fasting between Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama or the government.

Beginning of Ramadhan 2024 Muhammadiyah Version

According to Muhammadiyah, the 1st of Ramadhan 1445 H coincides with March 11, 2024. This determination is contained in the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership Declaration regarding the Results of the Reckoning of Ramadhan, Shawwal and Zulhijah 1445 Hijriyah Number 1/MLM/I.0/E/2024 which was signed by the General Chairperson of PP Muhammadiyah, Haedar Nashir and General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah, Abdul Mu'ti.

PP Muhammadiyah uses the essential reckoning method for the shape of the new moon to determine the start of the Hijriah month. According to the results of the true calculation of the shape of the new moon as guided by the Tarjih and Tajdid Council on 29 Shaban 1445 AH which coincides with 10 March 2024, the ijtima before Ramadan 1445 AH occurred at 16:07:42 WIB.

The crescent moon appears when the sun sets in Yogyakarta and in Indonesia except in North Maluku, Papua, West Papua and Southwest Papua. So, Muhammadiyah's version of the 2024 Ramadan fast will last another 24 days.

Beginning of Ramadhan 2024 Version of NU and Government

Meanwhile, the date 1 Ramadhan 1445 H according to the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and the new Government will be determined through an isbat session which will be held at the end of Shaban. Last year, the isbat session was held on Shaban 29.

In contrast to Muhammadiyah, the government and NU use the rukyatul hilal method to determine the start of the month. This method considers the results of calculating the position of the new moon which is confirmed again through observations of the new moon using the MABIMS (Minister of Religion of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore) criteria. The height of the crescent moon at sunset according to MABIMS criteria is at least 3 degrees and the elongation angle is 6.4 degrees.

However, if we refer to the 2024 Indonesian Hijri calendar published by the Ministry of Religion, the start of Ramadan 2024 according to the government and NU is estimated to fall on Tuesday, March 12 2024.

In conclusion, the start of Ramadhan 1445 H/2024 AD according to NU and the government is still a prediction as it refers to the calendar. The exact date will be announced after the isbat session.

Beginning of Ramadhan 2 Day Holiday

Referring to the Joint Decree (SKB) 3 of the Minister of National Holidays and Collective Leave 2024, the start of fasting is not a national holiday or collective leave. However, on March 11 (Monday) the calendar is colored red which shows a national holiday, namely the 1946 Saka New Year Holy Day of Silence. This is one of 17 national holidays throughout 2014.

Not just one day, you can get a long holiday before Ramadan and at the start of the mandatory fast. Because, March 12 (Tuesday) is a holiday with the Holy Day of Silence, Saka New Year 1946.

Early Ramadhan holiday

  • March 11 – Nyepi Day (first day of Ramadan according to Muhammadiyah)
  • March 12 – holiday with Nyepi

The following is a complete list of national holidays for March-December 2024

March 11 (Monday) Holy Day of Silence, Saka New Year 1946
March 29 (Friday) Death of Isa Al Messiah
March 31 (Sunday) Easter Day
April 10-11 (Wednesday-Thursday) Eid al-Fitr 1445 Hijriah
May 1 (Wednesday) International Workers' Day
May 9 (Thursday) Ascension of Isa Al Messiah
May 23 (Thursday) Vesak Day 2568 BE
June 1 (Saturday) Pancasila Birthday
June 17 (Monday) Eid al-Adha 1445 Hijriah
July 7 (Sunday) Islamic New Year 1446 Hijriah
August 17 (Saturday) Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia
September 16 (Monday) Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW
December 25 (Wednesday) Christmas Day

The following is a complete list of 2024 collective leave days:

March 12 (Tuesday) Holy Day of Silence, Saka New Year 1946
April 8, 9, 12 and 15 (Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Monday) Eid al-Fitr 1445 Hijriah
May 10 (Friday) Ascension of Isa Al Messiah
May 24 (Friday) Vesak Day
June 18 (Tuesday) Eid al-Adha 1445 Hijriah
December 26 (Thursday) Christmas Day

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