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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia-President Joko Widodo or Jokowi has determined the working hours of State Civil Servants (ASN) including Civil Servants (PNS) during the month of Ramadan 1445 Hijriah or 2024 AD. This is stated in Presidential Regulation no. 21/2023 concerning Working Days and Hours for Government Agencies and State Civil Service Employees.

“In the past, every year we always issued circulars, but now we don't anymore because the regulation of ASN working hours during Ramadhan is accommodated in Presidential Decree No. 21/2023,” said Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Abdullah Azwar Anas in Jakarta, quoted Monday (11/3/2024).

The Presidential Decree stipulates that the working hours of government agencies and ASN employees in the month of Ramadan are 32 hours 30 minutes in 1 week. Working hours do not include rest hours.

The government regulates that ASN rest hours on Monday-Thursday are 60 minutes. Especially on Fridays, rest time is only 30 minutes. The presidential decree also states that government agencies' working hours in the month of Ramadan start at 08.00 local time zone. This rule applies to both central and regional governments.

Meanwhile, agencies that apply provisions other than 5 working days per week must comply with the provisions in this Presidential Regulation no later than 1 year from the promulgation of this Presidential Regulation. “The detailed hours are determined by the PPK (Personnel Development Officer) or the head of the agency,” said Anas.

The regulation also states that the number of working days and/or working hours can be changed if there is a Presidential policy regarding national holidays, national collective leave, and policies that are adjusted to the provisions of statutory regulations.

Anas said that the working days regulated in this Presidential Decree do not apply to TNI soldiers and ASN employees in ministries that carry out government affairs in the defense sector. For civil servants assigned to the TNI, the arrangements are made by the TNI Commander.

Anas said that the provisions in this Presidential Decree also do not apply to members of the National Police, as well as ASN employees within the National Police. The working hours of civil servants working within the National Police will be determined by the Chief of the National Police. Meanwhile, arrangements for ASN employees at representatives of the Republic of Indonesia abroad are carried out by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, working days and working hours for TNI soldiers and POLRI members serving outside the structure, as well as employees at Indonesian missions abroad, follow the working days and working hours applicable at the place of assignment.

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