Gibran is outspoken: He was once cheated, he owed a debt to the bank and he couldn't pay it

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – All entrepreneurs experience ups and downs in business, including Gibran Rakabuming. Most of the public probably knows Gibran currently as the vice presidential candidate accompanying Prabowo Subianto. However, before entering the world of politics, the 36 year old man was an entrepreneur.

Gibran was actually born into a family of entrepreneurs. His father, President Joko Widodo, before entering politics, was also a businessman. Jokowi is a quite successful furniture entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Gibran chose to build a business in the food and beverage sector.

Gibran's most famous business is Chilli Pari, a catering company based in Surakarta. Gibran's business, apart from offering catering services, also provides wedding organizer (WO), meeting hall, decoration and bridal make-up services.

Even so, Gibran's journey as an entrepreneur was not smooth. He admitted that he was unable to pay the installments of his debt at the bank.

“(There is) bank debt, you can't pay the interest in installments. That's normal,” said Gibran, when telling the story of the collapse of his business, as quoted by CNBC Indonesia from the TikTok account @majubersamagibran on Monday (30/1/2024).

He also did not deny that many of his businesses had gone bankrupt. At least four of Gibran's businesses have gone out of business, namely Goola, Ternakopi, Madhang, and Siap Mas.

For Gibran, ups and downs in business are normal things that all entrepreneurs experience.

“As entrepreneurs, we often experience failure, people cheat, or employees resign to create their own brand, that's something normal,” he said.

After being elected Mayor of Solo, Gibran was no longer active in managing business. He admitted that he wanted to focus on community service through political channels.

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