Google's Biggest Mistake in 2024, Fatal Consequences

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google is one of the leading companies in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) war among many other technology giants. The company is known to develop many AI-based products and services.

However, Android Authority said what Google was doing was too hasty. Google's AI journey began after launching the Bard chatbot last year.

Unfortunately the original version gave wrong answers, hallucinated facts, and had difficulty giving answers to simple mathematics. Google continues to improve the capabilities of the model.

Google finally changed the Bard brand to Gemini. It turns out to confuse many people, including consumers and investors.

Gemini also doesn't appear as well as Bard. The model was discontinued after producing insensitive and historically accurate images.

This failure had a long-lasting impact. Google is known to have canceled the Gemini Nano large language model (LLM) on the Pixel 8. There has been no further news on when the Nano will be available on the old generation Pixel.

Android Authority wrote that Google's AI roadmap seems difficult to communicate with the development team. In the end, it makes them unable to work with the same views.

The page quotes Mark Zuckerberg's words in the early days of Facebook, namely “move fast and destroy”. Google seems to be really 'breaking something' in its AI innovation.

The recipe of 'move fast and destroy' is also not a recipe for AI success. In fact, the page says, it will likely result in failure.

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