Here are tips to avoid becoming a victim of AI like Taylor Swift

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Singer Taylor Swift has just become a victim of advanced Artificial Intelligence. Different photos show images that are explicit and have pornographic elements. The image was spread massively on the social media giant X Twitter. The photo was viewed tens of millions of times before it was removed from the platform.

But Swift or other artists are not the only victims of this technology. Even ordinary people can become victims of these crimes.

“We've seen stories of how this impacts high school students and people in the military, it impacts everyone,” explained Daniel Citron from the University of Virginia School of Law, quoted from CNN International, Monday (29/1/2024).

You can take several steps to protect yourself from image misuse. For example, just by sharing photos with the closest and most trusted people.

“You never know who could see your profile,” says computer security expert David Jones of Firewall Technical.

But the most important thing is to limit any content that is shared. You need to remember this tip because many perpetrators take revenge by sharing personal photos of their victims, including pornographic ones.

Lastly, and perhaps often heard, is using a password that is difficult to guess. This can make it difficult for perpetrators to break into accounts and access the photos and videos in them.

“They may try to crack the password so they can access photos and videos shared on your account. Never use a password that is easy to guess and never write it down,” he explained.

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