Hindu Silence Day Greetings to Share on Social Media

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Nyepi Day is celebrated by Hindus at the beginning of every Saka New Year. This year's Nyepi Day commemoration falls today, Monday (11/3/2024).

On Nyepi Day, Hindus stop all types of activities. The atmosphere of Nyepi is felt in Bali, where the majority of residents are Hindus.

This Nyepi moment is a time to introspect, meditate, reflect on life, and make peace with the universe.

Apart from that, on Nyepi Day, Balinese Hindus usually carry out various rituals and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. One of them is traditional ceremonies ranging from melasti to ngambak geni.

Like other holidays, Nyepi is usually accompanied by congratulations for anyone who celebrates it.

Greetings for Nyepi Day 2024

Quoted from CNN Indonesiahere is a collection of Nyepi 2024 greetings that can be shared on social media or with people celebrating it.

  1. May peace and tranquility envelop the entire universe on Nyepi 2024.
  2. Rahajeng rahina Nyepi sané menghunahaken kadameran ring jejering rat kalawan niskala.
  3. On this Nyepi, may our hearts always be clean and peaceful.
  4. Mugi-mugi we sami katambetan rahayu, share success and enjoy the Rahina Nyepi puniki ring.
  5. Nyepi holds the meaning of pralina so nostalgically, our mugi are all uningayang.
  6. Nyepi is the right time to honor the Creator and His universe.
  7. Hopefully we can introspect ourselves and let go of all the burdens this Nyepi.
  8. Mesanti ring Rahina Nyepi mangda sida kerta rahayu miwah sukerta rahajeng.
  9. By praying and meditating, we hope that Nyepi will bring blessings to all of us.
  10. Mugi peace and tranquility nuduan heart ring raina Nyepi mangda we sami lestaria ngamolihang pawongan.
  11. Make Nyepi a moment to reflect on our lives so far.
  12. Hopefully on this Nyepi Day, the world will be peaceful and harmonious.
  13. This Nyepi, let's change negative thoughts into positive, constructive energy.
  14. By being silent and meditating, we hope that Nyepi will bring peace to your life.
  15. Nyepi is a time to control oneself and respect silence.
  16. Mugi karaman Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa rawuh ring uninging clouds Nyepi puniki.
  17. Happy retreat, may this be a purification of our souls.
  18. On this Nyepi, let's rebuild harmonious relationships with each other and nature.
  19. On this Nyepi, let's reflect on life in this beautiful universe.
  20. Rahajeng rahina Nyepi mangdene kita sami katambetan rahayu ring genah punika.
  21. Nyepi is a time to reflect and find peace within oneself.
  22. Mugi Nyepi brings us to Sami Katambetan and Kabagangkitan Becikan.
  23. Nyepi Day teaches us to live simply and modestly.
  24. On this holy day, let us ask forgiveness from the Creator.
  25. Happy Nyepi Day, may the whole universe be blessed with peace.
  26. We hope that Nyepi can inspire people to live a better life.
  27. On this Nyepi we ask for safety, prosperity and perfection for all of us.
  28. Let's quiet ourselves, calm our minds, and unite with the universe.
  29. Nyepi is a moment to escape from greed, hatred and delusion.
  30. May God bless us on Nyepi Day this year with eternal peace.

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