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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia-Former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama said that the large number of YouTubers and TikTokers does not make Indonesia profitable. He believes that the large number of video content creators in the country actually benefits platform and social media owners more.

“Many people come to us, saying it's good, because they already have millions of content creators. That's just for new content creators, they are the ones who profit, the number of shares increases. The size remains the same, digital adex [iklan digital] only that much,” said Wishnutama, quoted on Sunday (24/12/2023).

The President Commissioner of Telkomsel believes that many people misread digital economic data. Foreign digital platforms, he said, often boast of the large number of content creators in Indonesia as an illustration of the impact of their presence here.

According to him, the only parties who profit from the increase in content creators, such as YouTubers who actively create video content or TikTokers with their short videos, are the owners of streaming and social media platforms. Indonesian citizens are actually losing out because their potential advertising income is actually shrinking because the number of competitors continues to increase.

The same is true in the ecommerce sector. He believes that adding MSMEs to digital platforms will not have a big impact on the economy because it only moves the economy from offline to online.

“Increasing sales on e-commerce platforms does not create a new economy. There are new dividers, because of size [ekonomi] no bigger,” he said.

Therefore, Wishnutama assesses that the digital economy concept currently being implemented by Indonesia is worth evaluating. Indonesia, he said, must utilize technology and digital platforms to create a new economy.

“[Jangan] “Those who get the benefits are foreigners, the growth of the digital economy is very exponential,” said Wishnutama.

Wishnutama also presented data on Indonesia's digital economy which illustrates foreign domination. Based on data, almost all components of Indonesia's digital economy are controlled by foreigners. The only component of Indonesia's digital economy that is predominantly local is the financial sector.

As much as 94 percent of the components of Indonesia's digital economy in 2022, which will reach IDR 352 trillion, are controlled by local people. In the mobility sector, locals are still able to control 51 percent of IDR 53 trillion.

Foreign control is highest in the media and advertising sector, leaving 35 percent of IDR 88 trillion for local entrepreneurs. In the e-commerce sector, the local market share is 44 percent of IDR 877 trillion.

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