Indonesia's Internet is the Slowest in ASEAN, Myth or Fact?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia-Indonesia's slow internet turns out to be a fact. This was revealed in an Ookla report in February 2023. Indonesia's internet is one of the slowest, even in Southeast Asia.

The report states that in the mobile category, Indonesia's internet is ranked 103rd globally. This ranking makes Indonesia the only ASEAN country not in the top 100.

Indonesia's mobile internet speed is only 20.17 Mbps. This lost to Cambodia which was on device 96 with 21.09 Mbps.

Meanwhile, Brunei has the fastest internet speed in Southeast Asia. The country ranked 16th on the list with a mobile speed of 85.13 Mbps.

Meanwhile, in the fixed broadband category, Indonesia's internet can still beat Cambodia (127th) and Myanmar (133rd). However, achievements are still slow in Southeast Asia.

The country's fixed broadband speed is reported to be 26.38 Mbps. Meanwhile, Cambodia and Myanmar each had 20.80 Mbps and Myanmar 19.68 Mbps.

Internet speed in Indonesia is also still far from Singapore and Thailand which reach 200 Mbps. Singapore is also the country with the world's fastest internet for fixed broadband with speeds reaching 237.15 Mbps. Meanwhile, Thailand is ranked 6th in the report with a speed of 203.28 Mbps.

The following is a list of mobile and fixed broadband internet speeds for countries in Southeast Asia based on the Ookla report for February 2023:

Mobile internet speed

Rank 16: Brunei 85.13 Mbps

Rank 22: Singapore 75.71 Mbps

Rank 46: Malaysia 44.22 Mbps

Rank 52: Vietnam 42.67 Mbps

Rank 54: Thailand 40.10 Mbps

Rank 68: Laos 30.61 Mbps

Rank 75: Myanmar 26.70 Mbps

Rank 80: Philippines 24.58 Mbps

Rank 96: Cambodia 21.09 Mbps

Rank 103: Indonesia 20.17 Mbps

Fixed broadband internet speed

Rank 1: Singapore 237.15 Mbps

Rank 6: Thailand 203.28 Mbps

Rank 36: Malaysia 93.01 Mbps

Rank 40: Philippines 90.03 Mbps

Rank 39: Vietnam 91.60 Mbps

Rank 85: Brunei 48.77 Mbps

Rank 111: Laos 29.49 Mbps

Rank 120: Indonesia 26.38 Mbps

Rank 127: Cambodia 20.80 Mbps

Rank 133: Myanmar 19.68 Mbps

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