KUR BRI Helps Rattan Wood Businesses Rise from Crisis

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Business products made from local materials are now increasingly popular not only in the domestic arena, but also internationally. One of them is the rattan wood business owned by Misriwati, a BRI customer who lives in Lowokwaru, Malang City.

He revealed that IDR 5 million was the initial capital he had prepared. However, long before starting her business, in 1998 Misriwati worked for an American company. There, Misriwati learned a lot about processing iron, metal and rattan into ready-to-use items.

Five years later, this woman from Malang then entered the world of her own rattan weaving business. The business is named Dona Doni Rattan. He admitted that he was very lucky because rattan wood could be obtained from leftover raw materials from the company where he previously worked.

“Then from the capital money, I bought iron raw materials and paid five employees,” he said, quoted Friday (7/6/2024).

Apart from that, he explained that in the middle of his business journey, in 2008, a wave of economic crisis occurred. This incident rocked Misriwati's rattan business. Finally, at that time, exports were stopped, resulting in a loss of IDR 500 million.

However, amidst confusion about the fate of the business she built, Misriwati received a loan from BRI. “When I lost money and my assets were confiscated, BRI helped me with a loan of IDR 150 million to build a production house for my business,” he said.

He used the loan funds in the form of BRI People's Business Credit (KUR) to build a Dona Doni Rattan production house located in Tasikmadu Village, Lowokwaru District, Malang City.

He admitted that KUR BRI really helped the sustainability of Dona Doni Rattan. Misriwati is also active as head of the BRI cluster around her village and invites people to do business with BRI KUR.

“Administration of BRI KUR is easy, the interest is low and penalties are not like other banks. MSMEs definitely have their ups and downs, but we remain a partner for MSMEs with various great facilities,” concluded Misriwati.

Misriwati, who is also the BRI MSME ambassador, is very persistent in running her business. Now, his turnover is IDR 15 million per month. Over time, Dona Doni Rattan succeeded in exporting its products to three countries: the United States, Japan and Singapore.

As a result, decades of business endeavors have resulted in Misriwati's business producing 350 rattan woven products. Starting from souvenirs, furniture, household equipment to souvenir decorations.

“Woven production just depends on the size. There are ten (production) a day, there are four (production) a day. Our latest product innovation is a bag made from white combination rattan. Several times we have had visits from Kominfo, Jakarta, who want to come to my place,” he continued.

Just so you know, now these products don't only use rattan as raw materials. Misriwati also innovated in the ingredients of mendong, water hyacinth and banana stems. It is not surprising that the innovations carried out mean that Dona Doni Rattan is often invited to the Malang City MSME exhibition. Then on to the event “BRIncubator Goes Global”the business won third place at the national level representing Malang City in 2020.

Separately, BRI Micro Business Director Supari said that the company will continue to encourage the empowerment of MSMEs as an effort to optimally accelerate the Indonesian economy.

“MSMEs as BRI's core business will continue to be supported in their development. It is hoped that opening up access to financing, including KUR, will help them move up in class. In addition, bringing the reach of financial inclusion closer to the community can open up wider space for business growth so that saving capacity also increased,” explained Supari.

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